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Have you noticed your Netgear Orbi flashing white light? Do you want to know what it means and how to fix the problem?

Well, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to see what the flashing white light on your Orbi router means and what solutions you can try to fix the problem.

Why Is My Orbi Flashing White Light?

Just like other routers and networking devices, the Netgear Orbi system has a LED light that indicates whether our network is functioning properly or if there are some issues that require our attention.

The white light on an Orbi router can be seen when you press the Sync button or when the router is starting up.

On the other hand, if you see the white blinking light on one of your Orbi satellites it is a sign that the satellite is trying to synchronize with the router or it’s starting up as well.

Once the router or the satellite starts up or when they sync, the blinking white light should stop. However, if this lasts for longer than usual then it indicates that there is a problem during the startup or they can’t sync.

This requires our attention and we have several different solutions to fix this issue.

Let’s Fix The Orbi Flashing White Light

Let’s take a quick look at what you can do to fix the flashing white light on your Orbi router.

Perform A Network Restart

A network restart is a solution that can be applied easily and it is usually enough to fix the problem. When you are restarting the Orbi network it is important to do everything in the right order.

1. Turn off the modem and disconnect the power cable.

2. Turn off the Orbi router and satellite and unplug the power cable.

3. Leave everything disconnected for a few minutes.

4. Connect the power cable back into the modem and turn it on.

5. Give the modem some time to boot completely.

6. Plug the power cable back into the Orbi router and the satellites.

7. Give them some time to boot completely after you turn them on.

8. After they stabilize, the network has been reset.

In most cases this should fix the blinking white light issue, but if it continues after the network reset then try the next solution.

Generate New Backhaul Password

A new backhaul password can be generated from the Orbi admin dashboard. The backhaul password is used to link the primary router to the satellites. Once you generate the new password, you will have to re-sync the router and the satellites.

1. Access the Orbi router settings.

2. Select Advanced in the menu once you login and then click on Advanced Setup.

3. Click on Wireless Settings and you should see the Backhaul Password section.

4. Click the generate button and then re-sync the router and the satellites.

After the router and the satellites synchronize, the white light should stop blinking. However, if the blinking continues, please try the following solution.

Upgrade The Orbi Router Firmware

Performing a firmware upgrade has helped many users fix the problem. However, it is important to know that once the firmware upgrade begins, it shouldn’t be interrupted in any way until it completes.

To upgrade the Orbi router firmware, you need to access the Orbi router admin dashboard first.

Select Advanced and then click on Administration. Click the Check button in the Online Update section. In case there is an updated firmware available click on Update All.

The firmware will start upgrading and you should give it some time to complete. During that time don’t interrupt the firmware upgrade. Just wait until it completes. The router and the satellites should reboot once the firmware upgrade is completed.

Check whether the white light is still blinking after the firmware upgrade. If it is still blinking, it is time to reset the Orbi network to factory defaults.

Factory Reset Your Orbi Router

Performing a factory reset should resolve the issue causing the white blinking light on your Orbi router. However, it is important to know that after the factory reset you need to configure the router from scratch.

If you still want to continue, here are the steps to factory reset your Orbi router. On the other hand, if you don’t want to do it, please contact your ISP or Netgear customer support and ask for their assistance.

1. Make sure your Orbi router is on.

2. Use a pointed object to press and hold the reset button until the Power LED light starts blinking orange.

3. Release the button and the router will reboot. Once it boots up it will be reverted to the factory default settings.

4. Repeat these steps for the satellites as well.

Now configure the router and re-sync the router and the satellites. The white blinking light should be fixed.

However, if it is blinking white after everything you have tried, please get in touch with Netgear customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should The Orbi Light Be ON All The Time?

Normally, the light on the Orbi router should be on only when you turn on the router. After a short period of time, the light will turn off.

Can I Turn The Orbi Light On And Off?

Yes, you can turn the Orbi light off and on. Login to your Orbi admin dashboard, and find the LED ON/OFF section. You will see a slider button there allowing you to turn on and turn off the Orbi light. Don’t forget to click on the Apply button to save the changes.

Why Is My Orbi Light Purple?

Normally, the purple light on your Orbi router indicates that there is a problem. Either the router can’t connect to the internet or there is a sync problem between the router and the satellites. Here is a detailed guide explaining the Orbi router purple light and how you can fix it.

Final Thoughts

We are pretty sure that you have managed to fix the Orbi flashing white light by the end of this article. As you can see there are several different solutions that can be applied and unless your Orbi router is defective, one of these solutions should help you fix the white blinking light issue. Just make sure to give the Orbi router enough time to boot properly after you apply a specific solution.

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