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If you are reading this you probably want to learn how to change the WiFi password on your Belkin router.

To take full advantage of your wireless network you have to know the WiFi password. This will allow you to connect any wireless device to your network and take care of others not to abuse it. Also, you can only access the router settings from a device already connected to your network. You can do this either using a wireless or wired connection.

What is the default Belkin router WiFi password?

Every Belkin router comes with a default network name and wireless password. These are usually printed on a network ID card that can be found at the bottom of the router and will help you connect to the network for the first time.

After you connect to the wireless network, you will be able to login to your Belkin router and secure your router by changing the default admin and wireless password, SSID (Network Name) for starters. This is usually enough to keep your home network secure.

Before you change the WiFi password

Here are a few notes that will help you create a strong and unique WiFi password.

The password:

  • Must be at least 8 characters long. Preferably 12.
  • Must be unique. Avoid using personal names, surnames and similar.
  • Must contain small and capital letters, numbers and special characters. Special characters will drastically improve the strength of the wireless network password.

How to Change the Belkin WiFi password [Step-by-step]

Follow these steps to change the WiFi password on a Belkin wireless router.Login your Belkin router

In order to change any of the settings in your wireless router you need to login to it. The steps are pretty simple and well explained in our Belkin router login guide.

2. Select Security in the left-hand menu.

After you access the router settings you need to find and select the Security link on the menu on the left.

Before changing the WiFi password set the Security mode to WPA/WPA2-Personal(PSK).
For Authentication select WPA-PSK + WPA2-PSK.
Encryption technique is AES.
In the Pre-shared Key (PSK) field type your new WiFi password.

4. Apply the changes

Click on the Apply changes button to save the new WiFi password.

When you change the Belkin wireless password make sure to write the new password down somewhere safe, preferably on the Network ID card we have mentioned before.

Why change the Belkin WiFi password?

There are several good reasons why should you protect your wireless network with a password or even change the current one from time to time.

Leaving the wireless network open represents a risk for your network because anyone can use it in many inappropriate ways. Therefore securing it with a strong and unique password is pretty important.

Also if your wireless network is already protected, you probably have heard the following question whenever someone comes to your place – What’s your WiFi password? If your answer is Yes, then it is good to change the WiFi password from time to time with a new one. Another great idea is to set up a separate Guest network for your guests and visitors. By doing this you will allow them to use your Internet connection, but they wont have access to your main network where they can actually access your private files or router settings. Think about this as another layer of security and do that if your wireless router supports creating Guest networks.

Final Notes

Now you know how to change the WiFi password for Belkin router.

Please note that once you change the WiFi password all the wireless devices which were connected to the network before will be disconnected from the network. This means you will have to connect them again using your new WiFi password.

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