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In this article we are going to explain how to login to your Asus wireless router using your web browser and securing your wireless network in three easy steps. Of course, you can secure your router using the Asus router app, but in this article, we are going to stick to the manual method and explain the Asus router login steps.

Default IP address: or http://router.asus.com

Default username: admin

Default password: admin

  • Network access over WiFi or Network Ethernet cable
  • Computer or smartphone
  • Default Asus router login details

1. Connect your device to the network

2. Launch your browser and visit the default IP or http://router.asus.com

3. Enter the Asus router login details

4. Press Login and you are in.

STEP 1 – Connect your device to the network

Connect your computer or smartphone to the network either over WiFi or connect the computer and the Asus wireless router directly using an Ethernet cable.

The wired connection is strongly recommended because it is more stable and you won’t get logged off the network when you save some configuration changes like the router admin or wireless password.

STEP 2 – Launch your browser and visit or http://router.asus.com

You need to launch a web browser on your computer or smartphone to access the Asus settings. You aren’t visiting a live website but a configuration page stored inside the router so an active internet connection is not needed. Choose any of the browsers you have: Internet Explorer (Edge), Chrome, Firefox, Opera.

When you launch the browser enter the default IP in the Address bar and press Enter on the keyboard or tap Go on the smartphone.

You can also use the local web address http://router.asus.com instead of the default IP.

The Asus login page will appear requesting you to enter the default username and Asus router password.

Since these are case-sensitive, type the username/password combination carefully and press Login.

STEP 4 – Press Login and you are in

You should see the Asus control panel now.

There should be no problems but there are situations where the default Asus login details don’t work. Here is a short checklist you should go through and see what might have gone wrong.

Generally the login problems can occur either when you enter the IP or in the next step.

Is your device connected to the network? If it isn’t you will get stuck at the first step and the Asus router login page won’t show up. So, connect either over Wi-Fi or using a LAN cable.

Typing errors are nothing strange when we are dealing with case-sensitive data. Therefore:

Check whether Caps Lock is on.

Check the label on the router and type the IP address or Asus router password exactly as it is printed there.

If you are typing numbers, check whether Num Lock is ON.

Some characters look similar so pay attention to the small letter “L” and the number “1”, the letter “O” and the number “0”

Different keyboard layouts will change the way you type some letters. Because of that we recommend typing the WiFi router password in Notepad first, and copy/paste it once you confirm it looks right.

Maybe the default router password has been changed. In that case you will have to use the new one. If you don’t have it or you have forgotten it, you will have to revert your Asus router to factory defaults. This will allow you to access the Asus router settings using the default login credentials.

Sometimes an obsolete web browser may cause the problem, so if you are still using Internet Explorer, try installing a different one.

Reset Asus Wireless Router To Default Settings

In case you have forgotten the custom admin password you will have to reset the router to factory default settings. After that you will be able to login using the default login details and you will also have to set up the router.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t know the default Asus login details, don’t reset the WiFi router to factory default settings.

All the customization you have made earlier will be erased and you will need to set up the WiFi router from scratch.

If you are fine with this you can continue.

Asus routers can be factory reset manually and over the web-based interface. Since we don’t know the admin password we need to do this manually. So let’s see how to do that:

STEP 1 – Locate the RESET button

The RESET button is usually hidden inside a pinhole.

STEP 2 – Take a sharp object (paperclip or a pen), press and hold the button for 10 seconds. The LED status lights will start flashing.

STEP 3 – The router will reboot. Once the LED lights turn on and the router stabilizes, try to login to the Asus router again with the default login IP address, default username and router password.

Asus Router Security: 3 important changes

Once you access the router settings we recommend you to take the following steps and apply the changes that will increase your home network security:

STEP 1: Change the Asus admin password

STEP 2: Change the Asus SSID (Network name) and Wireless password

Of course you can make these changes using the Asus router app, if your router supports it, but since we have logged into the router we will do it using the web browser instead.

STEP 1: Change the Asus admin password

It is pretty easy to find the default admin login credentials and access the router settings once you are connected to the network. Therefore the first thing to do when you set up your router would be to change the default admin password.

1. Login to your Asus router

2. Scroll down to Administration.

3. Click on the System tab in the horizontal menu.

4. In the “Change the router login password” section enter the new admin password in the New Password and Retype password fields.

5. Scroll down to click the Apply button.

You will be asked to login again using the new router admin password.

STEP 2: Change the Asus SSID (Network name)

The default network name will reveal the router brand instantly. This makes it easy to find the default login credentials and it is recommended to change it.

1. Access the Asus router settings as described above.

2. Scroll down and click on Wireless.

3. In the Network Name (SSID) field type the new network name.

4. While you are on this page continue reading the next paragraph to change the WiFi password.

STEP 3: Change the Asus wireless password

Protecting our wireless network with a strong password is a must. Leaving the default wireless password or setting up a weak one is a security risk. Therefore we recommend changing the WiFi password once in a few months.

5. After typing the new Network name go to the WPA Pre-Shared Key and enter the new wireless password there.

6. Scroll down and click Apply to confirm the changes.

You will have to connect again in case you have logged into the router configuration page wirelessly.

Remember to connect your WiFi devices again to the new SSID. Use the new wireless password.

Final Thoughts

Once you learn the Asus router login steps you can easily go through the router configuration, set up Guest network, setup parental Controls, update the router firmware, enable or disable WPS as an authentication method, change the default credentials and much more.

Just remember to save both the default login details and the custom ones for further use. You will definitely need them again when you want to change the WiFi password, or modify some other settings.

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