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When we speak about Cox we can say that they are doing a pretty good job in providing reliable and high-speed internet. However, there are cases when its users experience some issues with their network. These issues can be “read” via the router status lights i.e. by the color of the light and its appearance – blinking slowly, blinking rapidly or being solid. One of the issues we are going to cover in this article is represented by the Cox router blinking orange.

So, if you are seeing this light on your Cox router, you are in the right place. Let’s see what the Cox router blinking orange light indicates, what are the most frequent causes behind it and of course, how to fix it.

Cox Router Blinking Orange: Meaning

Normally we are going to see a solid white light on our Cox router. This indicates that the router is connected to the internet and fully functional.

According to Cox, a blinking orange light indicates downstream registration and it doesn’t represent an issue.

Also seeing the Cox router blinking orange and green is a signal that there is an ongoing firmware upgrade. Pay close attention, and if you are seeing the orange and green light blinking one after the other then you should wait for the firmware upgrade to complete. The router will reboot after the upgrade and you will see the solid white light again.

However, the real problem occurs when the Cox router is blinking orange continuously and won’t turn white. It is a sign that the router is having trouble registering the connection

But what can be the cause of this issue? Let’s see.

Cox Router Blinking Orange: Causes

There are several different causes of the orange blinking light on your Cox router:

  • Service outage or maintenance in your area resulting in weak signal and connectivity problems
  • Loose or damaged cables
  • Buggy and defective wireless router

How to Fix the Cox Router Blinking Orange Light

IMPORTANT: If you feel uncomfortable applying some of the solutions given in this article, we suggest you contact the Cox tech support.

Thoroughly inspect your cables and connectors

Have you changed a piece of equipment or moved it to a different room recently? Are there any chances that you have run your chair over the cable(s) or your pet was just having fun with the cables? All these situations, and many more, can result in a loose connection or a damaged cable. And these can cause some serious problems with your network. On top of everything, they are not easy to detect unless you thoroughly check both ends of each cable coming in and out of your walls, equipment and devices, and the cables alone.

Check for outage

In case you believe you have been affected by a service outage, there are a few ways to confirm your suspicions.

1. Sign into the Cox Outage Information page with your Cox account details. If there is an outage you will see an alert message. You can also choose to be notified by a text message once the outage has been resolved.

2. Contact the Cox support and ask them if there is a maintenance or an outage in your area.

3. Use a third-party website to check for outages in your area. We recommend DownDetector.com.

If there is an outage you will need to wait until they resolve the issue causing it. However, if there is no network outage try the following.

Reboot the Router

OK, you have checked the cables and saw nothing strange. Everything is firmly connected to the right ports and there is no visible damage on the cables or connectors. But the orange light is still blinking.

In that case, it’s time for our favorite quick-fix solution – rebooting the router. There are numerous networking issues (as well as issues with other electronic devices) where a simple reboot will fix the issue. On top of everything, it’s extremely simple.

  1. Unplug the power cable from the Cox router.
  2. Wait half a minute.
  3. Plug the power cable back in.
  4. Wait till your Cox router boots up completely. It shouldn’t last longer than 10 minutes.

You can also reboot your router using the Cox Panoramic WiFi app. There are versions for Android and iOS users. Just install the app, sign in with your Cox account details. Now go to Overview, then find and select Connection Trouble? Now you should tap on the Restart Gateway section and confirm by tapping on Restart. Wait for the router to boot up and stabilize.

We hope the orange lights have stopped blinking, but if it is still there after this step, try the following.

Power cycle your network

In simple terms “unplug everything”. This means disconnecting everything from the power source and leaving everything off for 3-5 minutes. After that reconnect the devices one by one. This should fix the issue, and in case it doesn’t we still have some options to try.

Try another router

Do you still have your old router or another router to try and see whether the issue will remain? This is a good way to tell whether your router is the reason for the orange blinking light. If it is, the process is simple – either buy or rent a new one and you are good to go. However, before you do that we have one other option to try.

Contact Cox Support

Well, we can say that we have done everything and if nothing has helped you get rid of the Cox router blinking orange issue, it is necessary to contact support. They can check your signal, help you fix the problem over the phone, or if that doesn’t help, they can send someone to check what might be the problem.

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Where is the reset button on my Cox router?

The RESET button is located at the back of the router. You will notice that it is recessed. The reason for this is to prevent resetting the router to factory settings by accident.

How to reset the Cox router manually?

When you locate the RESET button on your Cox router, grab a pen or a similar object. Press the RESET button and hold it for 10 seconds and more. When you see the front panel status light flashing, release the button.

Can I use any coax outlet?

Well, the answer is NO, you need to use an active outlet. If the outlet you are currently using isn’t working, try another one. Maybe the one you are connected to right now is not active.

What is the button on top of Cox panoramic WiFi doing?

This is the WPS button. You can use it to connect to your network without the need to enter the WiFi password. Of course, your device has to support WPS connectivity, and your network has to use WPA/WPA2 Personal encryption in order for the WPS button or connection to work.

Final Words

Knowing how to fix the Cox router blinking orange light issue is important considering that the solutions are pretty simple. Of course, if you have any doubts you can always contact the Cox tech support and d everything under their guidance. Most of these solutions can be applied in case of other networking issues you may experience in the future so it is good to know that you can fix them on your own or with a little help.

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