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The eero devices have only one status LED light that will tell you what’s happening with your network at the moment. The different color of the light and whether it is solid or blinking gives specific information about the eero network status. If you are reading this you are probably seeing the eero red light.

This article will tell you more about the meaning and causes of the eero red light and also give some tested solutions you can apply in order to fix the problem.

eero Red Light Meaning

The LED light on the eero tells us more about the status of our connection.

The eero red light indicates that the eero is not connected to the Internet. There can be several different reasons for this and the two most common are that your ISP service is down and that there is no internet connection.

One thing to pay attention to is whether all our eeros show the red light or just one. However, the important thing here is that we can do something about it and in the next part of the article we are going to cover the most frequently used solutions.

How to fix the eero red light?

Considering that the red light on our eero means there is no network connection we should start fixing the problem with that in mind. The following fixes are selected to help you fix the eero red light issue by the end of the article. However, we have to mention that if you feel uncomfortable resolving this issue on your own, we recommend contacting your ISP or eero support. On the other hand, if you are willing to start fixing the problem, let’s start with the most basic troubleshooting steps:

Check your network with the eero Home WiFi System App

You can also check your network with the eero Home WiFi System App. You can install the app on your smartphone and login with your eero account details. In case you have no account, create one.

When you launch the app you will see the health of your eero network. You can expect to see the following messages:

EVERYTHING LOOKS GOOD. – if there are no issues.

CHECK BEDROOM/KITCHEN/LIVING ROOM – if there is a problem with a specific eero.

CONNECTING TO THE INTERNET – if the eeors are connecting to the Internet again usually after a reboot, service outage or any situation where they were offline.

INTERNET OUTAGE. –  If the eero detects that your ISP is down and your eeros, although properly connected, can’t detect internet connection.

INTERNET CONNECTION ISSUE – if there is an issue with your gateway eero. Maybe it isn’t connected to the modem or powered on.

Check if it’s connected and plugged in (properly)

One of the things you need to do here is to check whether your Eero is connected to the modem at all, and if it is, whether it is connected correctly. At the same time check whether the modem and the eero are powered on.

Also check whether the modem and the eero are connected properly and to the correct ports using an Ethernet cable. When we plug in the Ethernet cable into the port we should hear a click.

Are your eeros placed properly?

In case you are seeing the red light on just one of the eeros, there are high chances that the problem is in its position. Paying attention in positioning the eeros is a key factor in covering your entire home with a strong and stable signal.

There are some recommendations you can follow in order to make sure this is not causing the red light on your eero:

–          Your Eeros need to be within range to ensure they can communicate effectively

–          Place them on hard and elevated surface

–          Don’t place your Eeros in cabinets and similar closed spaces

–          If possible, make sure there are no obstacles between the Eeros.

–          make sure there are no devices that may interfere the signal near the Eeros

Restart your eero(s)

This is a pretty simple but very effective way to fix the red light on your eero. Unplug the eero from the power source. Wait half a minute and connect it again. Ideally the red light should be replaced by a solid white light on your eero.

If restarting an individual eero didn’t help fix the problem, you can restart the entire eero network.

Restart your eero network

By network restart in this case we mean that you need to restart the modem and the eero. This process is simple and it requires you to disconnect the modem and the eero from the power source. Wait a little and then connect them back again to the power source. Connect the modem first and wait for it to boot up completely and then connect the eero to the power source and wait for it to boot up completely. This should last for about 2 minutes.

This should help you get rid of the eero red light, but if the problem is still there try the following step.

Remove and add back the eero using the eero Home WiFi System App

We have already mentioned that you can check your network status using the eero Home WiFi System App.

1. Simply launch the app on your smartphone.

2. Tap on the eero you want to get removed.

3. Select Advanced

4. Now tap on the specific eero.

5. Select Remove from network, and then confirm the choice by tapping Remove again.

6. You will see that the eero is not on the list now.

7. Now on the top right of the screen app, tap on the blue plus.

8. Select Add or replace eero devices.

9. Tap on Add eero device.

10. When the device is located, you will be asked to name it according to the room it is in. You can also set up a custom name.

11. After that the eero will be added to your network.

Check whether the eero red light is still present.

Is your ISP down?

No network connectivity can be a result of ISP service outage, maintenance or something similar. You can either contact your ISP and check whether there is a service outage in your area, or ask them if they are experiencing any problems on their network.

Another way to check this is with the help of websites like DownDetector. Just type your ISP name and see whether other users have reported interruption in their services.

In case your ISP is going through some issues you will have to be patient until they fix the problem on their side.

Contact eero support

If you have tried everything and you still can’t get rid of the red light on your eero, it is recommended to get in touch with the eero support.

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