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The LED lights on our Arris modem inform you about the status and activity of our network. They also signalize when there is an issue affecting our network functionality. One of those issues is the Arris modem DS light blinking orange.

The DS light means Downstream or informs us about receiving data from the internet. Generally, it should be green but what does it actually mean when it turns orange and what can we do about it?

Let’s see!

Why Is The Arris Modem DS Light Blinking Orange?

The orange blinking light on your Arris modem either indicates that the modem can’t connect or it’s searching for a connection or the connection has been lost. This behavior should stop once the modem connects properly.

However, if it can’t connect for a longer period of time, then we have to try and restore our internet connection. There are a few different things you should try in order to fix this issue and restore our internet connection to a fully functional state.

5 Ways To Fix The DS Light Blinking Orange Issue

These solutions have helped many users fix this issue so please try them one by one. We are sure one of them will help you fix the problem, and in case nothing helps there is always an option to contact your ISP support.

Check If Your ISP Is Down

One of the reasons why the DS light on your Arris modem is blinking orange is a service outage. Your ISP is probably down for some reason (power outage, scheduled maintenance, technical issues, and so on) and the modem isn’t receiving the signal properly or it isn’t receiving it at all.

There are several different ways to check whether an outage is causing the orange blinking DS light.

You can visit the ISPs official website i.e. their service outage page or you can contact them over the phone. You can also check this over the DownDetector’s website.

If an outage is the reason why your Arris modem is blinking orange, then you should wait until they resolve the issue on their side. The orange light should stop blinking once they fix the issue.

However, if there is no outage in your area, try the following solution.

Power Cycle The Modem

One of the recommended solutions we usually recommend is to power cycle the modem properly.

If you want to do this, first you have to power down your laptop or desktop computer if it is connected to the modem directly.

Unplug the power cable from the electrical outlet and leave it disconnected for a minute or two. Plug the power cable back into the electrical outlet and wait for the LED lights on the modem to stabilize.

Now turn on your laptop or desktop computer and test your internet connection.

Check The Cables

The cables should be properly connected to your modem and the connectors should sit firmly in their places. This is the reason why we recommend checking the cables and connectors every time there is a problem with your network.

A loose connection, a cable inserted into a wrong port, a damaged cable, a malfunctioning micro-filter – all of these can affect the signal that comes to the modem and as a result, you can see the DS light blinking orange. In case you detect an issue with a specific cable (splutter, micro-filter) or a connector try replacing the cable (micro-filter) or just make sure the connector sits tightly in the correct port.

Is The Splitter Working Properly?

While you are checking the cables and connections, don’t forget to check the splitter as well. If there is a problem with the connectors or the splitter is defective, you can expect to see the orange DS light on your Arris modem.

Make sure everything is well connected or replace the splitter if you have a spare one and check whether the DS light is still blinking.

Contact Your ISP Tech Support

Check whether the DS light is still blinking orange. If the problem is still there, you need to contact support and ask for their assistance. After they test your connection, they can either guide you through the problem-solving steps or send a technician to your address.

Hopefully, the reason for the Arris Modem DS light blinking orange isn’t a defective modem. In that case, if a defective modem is causing the problem, you will have to replace the modem you are using at the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does DS Mean On Arris Modem?

DS stands for “Downstream”. It represents the signal your modem receives, i.e. the data being received.

How To Factory Reset Arris Modem?

Resetting the modem to factory settings is a solution we tend to recommend as a final solution. The main reason is that it requires configuring the modem from scratch and most users have trouble doing that.

NOTE: If you don’t want to apply this solution or you are just not sure whether it will help or not, we suggest skipping to the next step. The factory reset deletes all custom settings and it is necessary to set up the modem afterward.

If you decide to proceed, make sure you have the admin login details and modem setup instructions from your ISP ready.

Find the reset button at the back of the modem. Use a paper clip or another pointed object to press the Reset button. Press it and hold it for 10 seconds. When the modem restarts, release the button. Wait till the modem boots up and set it up.

Final Thoughts

The DS light blinking orange on your Arris modem can be pretty annoying. Since it affects the internet connection directly, it is definitely something that has to be fixed as soon as possible. We hope that you have fixed the issue without having to contact support, but even if they have helped you fix the issue it is important to have your internet connection working again without interruptions.

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