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The lights on our wireless router have a specific purpose. Knowing what i means when they are blinking or are solid red or of some other color can help us figure out what is going on with our network and fix the issue much faster.

Lately more and more people are noticing the US/DS light blinking on their routers. The following article will explain why the US/DS light is blinking and how to fix this problem on your own.

What does US/DS mean on a Wi-Fi router?

You probably already know this but US/DS light on your router, no matter whether it is the xFi Wireless Gateway or another one, indicates the following:

USUpstream connectivity

DSDownstream connectivity

Now, let’s see what a blinking US/DS light on your router actually means.

What does it mean when the US/DS light is flashing?

A blinking US/DS light is something you will often see when an Internet connection is being established. Once the connection is established the US/DS light will stop blinking i.e., it becomes solid.

However, if the US/DS light flashes continuously every second it usually tells us that there is no connectivity signal or the signal quality is poor.

What causes the US/DS light to start blinking?

This issue is caused by several different reasons:

  • Service outage
  • Loose connections or a disconnected cable
  • A malfunctioning modem, router or splitter
  • Firmware update running at the moment

Depending on the reasons, there will be a different solution for the problem, so let’s begin with the simplest one.

Fix the US/DS blinking light

The reason behind the US/DS blinking light can guide us to the right direction of solving the problem. Let’s see what can we do about it.

Fix #1 – Check for a service outage in your area

In case of a service outage the router will start receiving a weak signal or no signal at all. This usually makes the US/DS light to start blinking.

If you are an Xfinity user you can check the Status center to see check for a service outage in your area. Otherwise, you check via your Xfinity app or your Comcast account.

If you are having another ISP either heck their service outage page or check for a service outage at the DownDetector website. The website provides real-time problem and outage monitoring. All you have to do is to type your ISP name and you will see whether a service outage is the reason for the US/DS lights issue.

In case the reason is a service outage then just wait until your ISP resolves the problem.

However, if no outage was detected in your area or the US/DS light continued to blink even after you have confirmed that the outage issue was resolved, continue to the next step.

Fix #2 – Restart your modem and router

In most cases, restarting the modem or router can fix the US/DS blinking issue as well as many other problems you may have with your devices. 

Please follow these steps to properly restart the network.

  1. Unplug the PC, modem and also the router (if applicable) from the electricity outlet.
  2. Wait for 30 seconds at least.
  3. Plug in the modem back and wait for it to stabilize (approximately 1 minute)
  4. Plug in the router back and wait for it to stabilize (approximately 2 minutes)
  5. Check whether the US/DS light is still flashing

Generally, this is a quick and easy solution for most problems wo why not try it.

NOTE: Don’t press the Reset button at the back of the router since it will reset to router or modem to factory settings. We want to reboot it, so it’s better just to unplug it.

Fix #3 – Check for loose connections or a disconnected cable

Check all the connections between the router/modem, your device and the wall outlet. Pay special attention to the coaxial cable. Always check both ends of the cable and make sure everything is firmly connected. A loose connection can often cause a problem.

Also check whether everything is connected properly and to the right ports and connectors. In some cases when a cable gets disconnected, we may accidentally connect it to the wrong place/port. Therefore, it is better to check.

Fix #4 – Check if firmware upgrade is currently running

If you see the US/DS light blinking and the Power and Online lights are solid then there is a firmware upgrade running. It generally doesn’t last long and once it completes (in 10-15 minutes) the router will reboot on its own.

NOTE: Do not power off the router or modem during this process.

Fix #5 – Check the splitter and modem

While checking the connections and cables, disconnect the coax cable from the splitter and plug it straight into the modem. In case the US/DS light stops blinking the problem was caused by a malfunctioning splitter. Replace it and the problem will be resolved.

A defective modem can be the reason for the US/DS blinking light issue. Power surges can affect your modem and make it difficult or even impossible to establish internet connection. Try to connect another modem if you can or contact the tech support.

Nothing worked? Contact Support

Hopefully the US/DS blinking light has stopped at one point while applying the steps from the article.

However, if nothing from the above worked then it is recommended to contact the Tech Support. A technician will help you resolve this issue and if necessary, even replace the router or modem with a new one.

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