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In order to change the network settings, check how the cable router/router works or troubleshoot some networking problems, you need to access the Arris Web manager. You can access it by following these Arris router login steps.

You are going to need:

– An Arris Router

– Computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the network

– Default Arris router IP, username and router password or the custom ones if you have changed these before

  1. Connect the to the network using the network cable or WiFi connection
  2. Launch a web browser on your device (Firefox, Chrome or Safari)
  3. Enter the default Arris router default IP address in the URL bar and press Enter
  4. When asked for the login details enter admin as username and password or the wireless network security key printed on the router label as password.
  5. Click Login or Apply. You will see the System Basic Setup 

* If you have changed the Arris default login credentials earlier, then login with the new ones. The default username and password won’t work in this case.

* If you see a warning screen while logging into the Arris router please note that there is no risk at all so feel free to proceed.

1. Connect to the Arris network

The Arris Web interface can be accessed only by devices that are part of the network. Therefore, connect your device to the network using the network cable or use the wireless connection.

2. Launch Your Web Browser

If you want to access the web-based utility or the router’s control panel, you need to use a web browser. All devices have it so launch the one you already use. Internet Explorer or Edge, Firefox or Chrome, there is no difference in this situation.

3. Enter the Arris router IP address in the web browser’s URL bar

The Arris router default login IP is or in some cases the Arris IP is Type the IP address in the URL bar and press Enter. A login page will appear asking you to enter a username and default password.

In case you see a Warning screen telling you the Site is not secure or that there is Potential Security Risk continue with no worries. Just click on Advanced and then Proceed or Continue.

3. Enter the default or custom login details in the Arris router admin login page.

The default Arris router login details are:

Username is admin

Password is password or the Wi-Fi Security Key (Pre Shared key). (You can find it printed on a label on the router)

* If you have changed the default username and password before login with the new username and password.

* If this is the first time you are accessing the Arris web interface you may be asked to set up a new Arris router password, WiFi name and password and a time zone to access the Web manager. READ MORE DETAILS HERE

4. Click Apply and you will see the System Basic Setup page.

After you enter the Arris router default login details the System Basic Setup page should appear if everything was correct. Now you can check and configure all the settings in the Arris Web manager. Make sure to change the Arris WiFi name and password first to secure your home network. After that you can continue tweaking the home network security.

We have mentioned that in case you are logging into the router for the first time you may be asked to set up a new admin password and wireless network login details in order to continue. If this is the case just follow these steps to complete the Home Network Wizard.

1. If the https:// redirect page appears just click Proceed

2. Enter the updated password in the New Password and Re-Enter New Password fields.

* The password should be 8-12 characters long, must contain at least one digit and one capital letter, and it is also recommended to use special characters for better security

3. Enter the CAPTCHA code and click on Next Step.

4. In the WiFi Network name field type the desired network name. Make sure NOT to type the same network name for the 2.4Ghz and 5 Ghz networks.

5. Select WPA2-PSK (AES) (Recommended) for both the 2.4Ghz and 5 Ghz networks

6. In the Network Password field enter the desired wireless network password. You can use the same wireless network password for the 2.4Ghz and 5 Ghz networks.

7. Click on Next Step

8. You can leave the Time Zone Selection to Automatic

9. Select the desired Time Format and Date Format from the drop-down lists.

10. Click the Finish button

11. Now login to the Web manager. Enter admin in the Username field and enter the updated password in the Password field. Press Login.

* For some Arris routers like the SBG8300 it is recommended to use the SurfBoard Manager App to configure the home network first.

Final Words

Now you know the Arris router login steps and you can easily customize the router settings. Please note that we highly recommend keeping track on the changes you make or even backup the current router settings before changing anything. This way you can modify the router settings without having to worry that you will mess things up.

However even if you mess up the settings and your network stops working, you can reset your router to factory settings and login with the default login credentials and set up the network again. However, we don’t recommend you to do this if you are not 100% sure about the default credentials.

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