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Knowing the exact Belkin router login steps is important if you want to secure and maintain your wireless home network. In this article we will show you how to access your Belkin router settings.

So, let’s begin!

Default IP address: or https://router

Default username:

Default password:

– A Belkin Wireless router

– Access to the network (Wired or Wireless)

– PC, tablet or smartphone

  1. Connect to your network
  2. Launch your browser
  3. Type the default Belkin IP or https://router in the URL bar
  4. Leave the password field blank if you are logging for the first time or enter the router password if it’s been set up before
  5. Congrats! You are logged in!

If you want a more detailed explanation about the Belkin router login steps then this part is for you.

1. Connect to your network

Before you login to your Belkin router you have to make sure you can connect to your network. Depending on the device you are using to login to your router, the connection can be either wired using an Ethernet cable or you can connect via Wi-Fi.

The reason for this is that devices that are not part of your home network can’t access the network and the router settings.

2. Launch your browser

Launch the browser you use the most. Any browser installed on your device will do the job and most importantly you don’t need a working internet connection to login to your router.

3. Type the default Belkin IP or local web address in the URL bar

The default Belkin router IP is Just type it in the web browser’s address bar and press Enter on the keyboard. You can use any of the popular browsers today – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and so on.

In case this IP doesn’t open the Belkin router dashboard you can enter https://router instead of the default IP to login to the router. Or you can find the default IP address i.e. the default gateway on your own by following our guide here.

In order to make any changes you will need to login first.

If this is the first time you access the router admin panel just leave the password field blank and click Submit. On the other hand, if there is a password set by your ISP or yourself during the initial setup make sure to use that one.

Depending on the router model you will need to click on a small padlock icon before the password field appears.

5. You are logged in

Congratulations! With the correct IP and password, the Belkin router login process is pretty simple and straightforward. Now you can modify your Belkin router settings. However, make sure to make notes of the changes you make if something goes wrong or backup the router settings first and then make the changes.

Generally speaking, you need to know the Belkin router login steps mainly to secure your router and Wi-Fi network. The most basic settings changes that will help you achieve this are:

Of course, there are other things to do as well as additional security options like:

  • Updating the Belkin router firmware
  • Enabling/Disabling firewall
  • Setting up a Guest network (if your router supports it)
  • Disabling specific devices from accessing the network
  • Port forwarding (useful for gamers)

And the list goes on. Just login to the Belkin wireless router and see everything you can do in the settings.

NOTE: Depending on the router model you will either see the Dashboard or the Belkin router web interface. Below we will explain the steps to secure your network on both of them.

Three Simple Network Security Changes

The following changes are important if you want to be safe from unauthorized access to your home network. It is recommended to apply these during the initial router setup, but if you have skipped these you can always come back and apply them one by one:

STEP 1: Change the Belkin admin password

STEP 2: Change the Belkin Network name

STEP 3: Change the Belkin WiFi password

All these changes can be made in a few minutes after you access the router’s admin panel.

STEP 1: Change the Belkin admin password

When you login to your Belkin router your admin dashboard may look like this or like this.

In case you see the first version, i.e. the dashboard, you can change the admin password if you scroll down a little and click on Advanced Settings. It will expand down. Then click on System Settings.

If the web-based interface shows up after you login, take a look at the bottom of the left-hand menu and click on System Settings.

Now complete the following fields:

  • Type in current Password: Leave this blank since Belkin routers come with no default password. But if you already have an admin password, enter that one.
  • Type in new Password: Here you have to enter your new admin password. make sure to come with a strong one.
  • Confirm new Password: Type the new password again. This is just to make sure you have entered the new password correctly the first time.

Scroll down and click the SAVE/Apply Changes button to confirm the changes.

Make sure to save the new admin password somewhere safe. In case you lose or forget it you will have to reset the router to factory defaults.

STEP 2: Change the Belkin Network name

Now, click on the green link at the top saying Back to Dashboard. Again, click on Advanced Settings.

Click on Network Name. It’s on the left of the screen.

You can change the network name for both the 2.4 and 5GH networks on this page. Just find the corresponding fields that have SSID written in front of them.

Scroll down and click SAVE.

If you are using the web-based utility you will find these settings in the Wireless section as Channel and SSID. Enter the new network name in the SSID> field and then click on Apply Changes.

STEP 3: Change the Belkin WiFi password

To change the WiFi password, in the Dashboard click on Advanced Settings. Then click on Security in the WiFi section.

In the new page you can change the WiFi password for the 2.4 and 5GH network in the Pre-shared Key (PSK) fields. In case you are wondering, you can set the same WiFi password for both networks.

If you are using the web-based utility you will find these settings in the Wireless section as Security.

Enter the new wireless password in the Pre-shared Key (PSK) > field and then click on Apply Changes

This is it. You will have to connect all your wireless devices again after you change the network name and WiFi password.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the Belkin router login steps don’t require any specific tech knowledge. They are pretty easy to follow and will definitely help you enjoy your secure wireless network. All you have to do is to take some time and make all the necessary changes. It definitely takes much less time than setting the WiFi router from scratch in case it gets hacked and you need to reset it to factory settings, so keep this in mind!

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