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No matter whether you are a Spectrum internet user or you are having another ISP, it is quite possible that you have experienced your device being connected to your WiFi, but no internet access. The truth is that this is quite stressful considering the amount of time most people spend online every single day.

All our mobile devices, computers, TVs, printers and even refrigerators, and other devices use the wireless connection so we can get the most out of them. And when there is no internet access, there is a huge problem. The good thing though is that there are some steps we can take in order to fix the Spectrum WiFi Connected No Internet problem.

The steps described below can be applied even if you are using the services from another ISP and not Spectrum only. But first, let’s see what this issue means.

Why Is My Spectrum WiFi Connected But No Internet Access?

Generally speaking, when we see a message saying that our WiFi is connected but no internet it is a sign that our device is connected to the network, but not to the Spectrum internet.

The good thing though is that we can try some things and fix this issue. Here is what works in most situations.

How To Fix Spectrum WiFi Connected No Internet

Fix #1 – Restart Your Device

The first and the easiest thing to do is to restart your device. In some cases, this will clear the issue and you should see “Connected, Secured” under your WiFi network name.

This step is pretty simple and this is why we have placed it at the top of our solutions. In case you see the Secured, no internet message again, please try the following.

Fix #2 – Restart Your Network

After you restart your device, you can restart your network in case you still see the “Secured, no internet” message.

Make sure to do the network reset in the following order:

1. Turn off the router and the modem.

3. Disconnect the power cord from the modem.

4. If your modem has a backup battery, remove it.

5. Leave everything disconnected and without power for 1-2 minutes.

6. If you have removed the battery from your modem, put it back in.

7. Connect the power cable back to the modem.

2. Disconnect the power cable from the Spectrum router.

8. Turn on the modem and wait till it boots completely.

9. Connect the power cable back to the wireless router.

10. Turn on the router and give it some time to boot up.

11. Connect your device to the network and see whether the problem is still there.

TIP: Disconnect the coax cable as well during this process.

In case the problem persists, maybe you are affected by an outage. So, it is worth checking this out.

Fix #3 – Check For An Outage

In case you see the Spectrum WiFi connected no internet on all your wireless devices, not just one, it is possible that Spectrum is down.

There are several different ways to check whether an outage is a reason for this.

You can use your smartphone and mobile connection to log in to your Spectrum account and check the Spectrum Storm Center to see whether you are experiencing a power or service outage. You can also use the Spectrum app or chat with the support or check a website like Downdetector.com and see what they are saying about the current Spectrum services.

In the case of an outage just give it some time and once your Internet Service provider fixes the problem, the Spectrum WiFi connected, no internet will be fixed on its own.

Fix #4 – Check The Internet Connection Cable

In case your Internet cable is damaged or it doesn’t sit firmly into the Internet (WAN) port of your Spectrum modem or WiFi router it may trigger the network issues we are talking about.

You can easily check this and also make sure to check this Ethernet cable on both ends. When you plug it in, you need to hear a clicking sound which indicates that the cable has connected fully and properly into the port.

Fix #5 – Have You Paid Your Internet Bill?

We live in a constant hurry these days so it isn’t unusual to forget a thing or two on the way. And if it happens to forget to pay the Internet service bill you can expect to experience the Spectrum WiFi connected, no internet issue.

Make sure to check this and take care of it.

Fix #6 – Release And Renew IP Address

Releasing and renewing your IP address is another possible solution to this problem. You can do this on Windows and if you are experiencing the issue on your Windows-powered machine you can do this by following the next few steps:

1. Click on the Search icon in your taskbar. If the Search field is already active in the taskbar it’s OK.

2. Type cmd and click on Run as administrator.

3. The Command Prompt will open.

4. First type ipconfig /release

5. Now type ipconfig /renew

6. IMPORTANT: Type Exit and press the Enter key on the keyboard to close the Command Prompt properly.

See whether this has fixed the problem.

Fix #7 – Check The Clock

If the clock on your device is wrong it may mess up with your WiFi and network settings. As a result, you can see the “No Internet, Secured message”.

Therefore you need to set your time correctly.

In Windows 10 right-click the clock in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Select Adjust date/time.

Make sure Set time automatically is set to ON.

You can also click the Sync Now button to synchronize your clock.

If you are using an iPhone, unlock it first. Then tap the Settings icon. Tap on General. Scroll down to Date & Time and tap on it. Make sure Set Automatically is set to ON.

If you are using an Android device, unlock it. Swipe down on the home screen and click the Settings icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Scroll down and tap on General management. Tap on Date and time. Make sure that the Automatic date and time is set to ON.

Restart your device and see whether this fixes the issue.

Updating the network adapter driver is another solution that has proven to be helpful. There were also situations where Windows 10 has installed the incorrect driver

1. Right-click the Windows Start button and select Device manager.

2. Scroll down to Network adapters and click the > sign to expand the selection.

3. Right-click on your WiFi adapter and click on Update driver.

4. You can select Search automatically for drivers or Browse my computer for drivers to select the correct driver for your WiFi network adapter.

Restart your device. Check whether the problem is fixed.

If it isn’t, you may try uninstalling the adapter by clicking on Uninstall Device. Then restart your computer and when it boots up again Windows will detect the adapter and install the correct driver. Connect to the network and see whether this has fixed the problem.

Fix #9 – Try Running The Troubleshooter

Windows 10 comes with several different troubleshooters that may help you fix this problem. So, let’s start with this one first.

1. Click on the Windows Start button

2. Now click on Settings (the little gear icon)

3. Click on Update & Security

4. Now click on Troubleshoot in the menu on the left.

5. In the Internet Connections section click on Run the Troubleshooter.

After the troubleshooter does its job, check whether the connection is still Secured and no internet.

If it is, you can run the Network Adapter Troubleshooter and see what it says. To run it, you need to right-click the WiFi icon in the bottom-right of the screen. Then click on Troubleshoot problems. The troubleshooter will start detecting and fixing the problem automatically. Just follow the suggestions if it finds anything.

In case nothing we have suggested helped you fix the Spectrum WiFi Connected no internet issue you should consider contacting the Spectrum support. Ask for their help and they can test your connection and do some basic troubleshooting. We are pretty sure there will be no need to send a Spectrum technician to your address.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have managed to fix the Spectrum WiFi connected, no internet issue by now and that your internet connection is up and running properly. As you can see, there are different solutions for this problem and before you get in touch with Charter Spectrum support it is good to try and fix this by yourself.

We are pretty sure your problem will be fixed before you get the chance to get in touch with them. Although, if nothing helps, the Spectrum support will definitely assist you in getting rid of this issue.

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