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Imagine watching Youtube videos or a movie online or being in the middle of a Zoom meeting when all of a sudden, your internet connection starts acting weird. You take a look at your Xfinity router and you see that it’s blinking green. What does it mean? Is your service about to go out? Is your router failing?

Relax, it’s probably none of those things. In this blog post, we’ll explore what it means when your Xfinity router starts blinking a green light and how to fix it. So, next time it happens, you’ll know just what to do.

7 Fixes For The Xfinity Router Blinking Green Light

When fixing the green blinking light on your Xfinity router we have to start with the most basic solutions.

Restart Your Xfinity Router

Restarting the router will eliminate any glitches in the settings that may be causing the green light to blink.

It is easy to restart the Xfinity router using the Xfinity App, or you can do it manually if you disconnect the router from its power source. Simply unplug the power cable and then plug it back in after a few minutes. Turn on the router and when it boots up completely, check your connection.

Are You Affected By A Service Outage?

Whenever your ISP performs some technical maintenance or experiences a power failure or technical difficulties, it will result in a poor internet signal or no signal at all. As a result, your Xfinity router will start blinking green light.

In order to determine whether the outage is the reason for the problem, visit the Xfinity Status Center. You need to sign in to the page using your Xfinity account details and you will see your connection status or get informed about a local outage.

Check Whether The Cables Are Damaged Or Loose

Moving or disconnecting the cables while cleaning or changing the router or the router’s position in the house is something that may be the reason why the connections are loose. If you have a pet in your house there are great chances that it has found the cables interesting and played with them for a while.

Because of that, please check whether the connections sit firmly in their place. Try to pull out the cable gently and if it falls out it is loose. Just put it back and see whether the problem is fixed. It is good to know that when you put the Ethernet cable into the port you should hear a clicking sound when you connect it properly.

Also, make sure to check both ends of the cable and also check whether each cable goes to the right port.

Since we have mentioned the pets, check whether the cables are damaged or bent abnormally. In case you notice something, try connecting another cable and see whether that fixes the problem.

Check The Splitter

If you are using a splitter it is important to use one Xfinity provides for their customers. However, even if you are using one of theirs, it is possible that it is defective at the moment.

There is an easy way to check the splitter. Simply disconnect the internet cable from the splitter and plug it into the router. Check whether the issue is still present. Also, if you have a spare splitter by any chance, replace the old one. If it was causing the problem, everything should be fixed now.

Reset Your Xfinity Router To Factory Defaults

In most cases, we don’t recommend doing this because it requires setting up the router again from scratch. We are aware that most people don’t like doing this and if you are one of them feel free to skip to the next solution.

However, if you decide to reset the router to default settings it is important to have all the settings ready from your ISP as well as to have the correct admin login IP username and password.

How To Reset Your Xfinity Router

If you want to factory reset your Xfinity router you can do it using the reset button or over the router’s web-based interface.

Over The Router’s Web-Based Interface

In order to reset the router using the web-based interface you need to access the Xfinity router settings first.

After you access the router admin page, select Troubleshooting and then click on Reset/Restore gateway. Clicking on Restore Factory Settings. Will reset your Xfinity router to its default settings. After that you need to set up your Xfinity router again.

After the configuration, test your internet connection.

Factory Reset Xfinity Router Manually

Manually resetting the router is pretty simple and also requires setting up the router again. This is because all the custom settings get erased.

To do this, you will need an object like a pen or a paperclip. Then find the Reset button on the router. It is usually hidden inside a pin home to prevent resetting the router by accident.

Press the reset button with the mentioned object and hold it for 30 seconds. You will notice that the LED lights will shut down. When that happens, release the button and give the router some time to boot up. Reconfigure the router and test your internet connection.

Contact The Xfinity Support

In case the solutions listed above didn’t help you fix the problem, it is recommended to contact the Xfinity Support. Explain what the problem is and ask for their assistance. They will test your connection or either inform you about an ongoing outage or guide you through some troubleshooting steps. In most cases, they will help you fix the problem successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Green Blinking Light Mean On Xfinity Router?

In most cases, the green blinking light on your Xfinity router doesn’t indicate a serious problem. However, there are cases when this behavior is accompanied by an unstable internet connection.

Whatever the reason is we have to try to fix the issue and make our internet connection fully functional again.

Can I Fix The Xfinity Router Blinking Green Light?

As explained above there are a few things you should try before contacting Xfinity support as a final solution. Check the cables and splitter, check if there is an outage in your area, and restart or reset the device.

Final Thoughts

Issues like the Xfinity router blinking green light can be easily fixed on your side. There is no need to ask Xfinity support for help immediately after we notice something is wrong with our connection.

Fixing the problem on your own by trying the solutions presented here should help you restore your internet connection in no time. And we have to admit that it feels great when we fix such issues without the Tech support’s assistance.

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