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If you have a weak WiFi signal in any part of your house or even your backyard, a wireless range extender should fix the problem. Linksys RE6500 is a pretty well-rated wireless range extender and although it does its job pretty well, there are situations when some issues may occur. In such cases, we can see our Linksys RE6500 blinking orange light.

In the next few paragraphs, we are going to see what it means and what can you do to fix it.

Linksys RE6500 Blinking Orange Light (Meaning)

The main reason for the Linksys RE6500 blinking orange light issue is the inability to establish a connection to the main router in the network. Of course, something else can also make the LED light on your Linksys RE6500 blink orange, but let’s start with the most common reason.

Here are some suggestions on what you can do to fix it.

Now that we know the main reason for this problem, it shouldn’t be too complicated to fix it. So, let’s begin with the simplest solutions.

Reduce The Distance Between The Primary Router And The Extender

Sometimes when the extender is receiving a weaker signal and it’s almost out of range you might see the orange blinking light. To make sure this is not the case, please position the extender closer to the primary router. If this doesn’t fix the issue, try the next solution.

Restart The Linksys RE6500 Extender

This is the first thing you should do whenever you are experiencing some problems with the extender or any other electronic device.

The restart should fix any internal conflicts and errors and the extender should work well after that. All you have to do is to leave the extender without power for 4-5minutes by disconnecting the power cable.

After you connect the extender to the power source again and connect it to the network you should check whether it is still blinking orange.

Are You Using The Latest Firmware?

Having the latest firmware installed on our extender and router as well is something we often don’t pay attention to. It is important to have the latest version installed both because of the latest security patches and the performance improvements as well.

Check whether you are having the latest firmware version on your extender. In case the firmware is out of date, please upgrade it to the latest version.

Simply, disconnect the extender from the router and then connect the extender to a laptop or desktop computer using a network cable.

Open your browser and enter http://extender.linksys.com in the Address bar. If you aren’t prompted to enter a username and a password, type the IP address into the Address bar and press Enter on the keyboard.

When asked to enter the username and password type admin in both fields. Click Login and you should see the extender’s settings page.

The firmware upgrade section is located under Administration > Firmware Upgrade. You can check whether you are using the latest firmware. If not, you can manually upgrade the firmware but first, download the latest firmware from the Linksys official website. Pay attention to downloading the correct firmware for your extender. Follow the instructions.

NOTE: It is important not to disrupt the firmware upgrade process once it starts. So, don’t turn off your computer, don’t close the browser or do anything else until the upgrade completes.

If the firmware upgrade didn’t stop the orange blinking light then we can try the following.

Reset The Extender To Factory Settings

Resetting the extender to factory defaults means that you have to set it up again.

If you decide to try this solution, turn on the extender first. Then find the reset button, press it, and keep it pressed for 8-10 seconds. The extender should reboot. Set it up again after it boots up, and check whether this has fixed the orange light issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Color Should The LED Indicator Light Be On My Linksys RE6500?

When everything is working properly the LED indicator light on your Linksys RE6500 should be solid white.

Why Is My Linksys RE6500 Blinking Red?

The red blinking light on your Linksys RE6500 indicates that the wireless connection between the extender and the primary router has been lost.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article has helped you fix the Linksys RE6500 blinking orange light issue. Some of the recommended solutions can be applied whenever you are having issues with your extender or your primary router. Simply start by checking whether the ISP is down, then restart the device, upgrade the firmware if possible, factory reset the device, or simply get in touch with support and ask them to see what’s going on with your device. Don’t forget that after the factory reset you need to reconfigure the extender or the primary router.

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