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The D-Link router login steps are pretty simple and, in this guide, we will guide you through the steps of accessing your D-Link router settings. The main reason why you need to know how to login to your D-Link router is to make some changes that will secure your home network as well as perform some other changes in the settings/We will mention them later.

But, now let’s see the exact D-Link router login steps.

  1. Connect to your network using a network cable or Wi-Fi
  2. Launch any browser installed on your device
  3. Type the default D-Link IP or http://dlinkrouter.local in the browser’s URL bar
  4. Enter admin in the username field and no password if you are logging in for the first time. Otherwise login with the new/updated username and password
  5. Congrats! You are logged in

You are going to need:

– A D-Link Wireless router

– Access to the network (Wired or Wireless)

– PC, tablet or smartphone

1.      Connect your device to the network

Connecting to the network is pretty important because you won’t be able to login if the device isn’t connected to it. Only devices that are part of the network can access the router settings.

If you are using a PC or laptop to login, you can use your network cable to connect. We also recommend the wired connection when changing the router settings. If you are using a tablet or a smartphone a Wi-Fi connection will do the job. However, don’t be surprised if you get logged off the network when saving some settings like when you update or change the Wi-Fi password.

2.      Launch your browser

Launch any browser installed on your device. Don’t worry if your internet connection doesn’t work, you are connecting to the router, not a website.

3.      Type the default D-Link IP in the URL bar

The default D-Link router IP is If the D-Link login page doesn’t show up when you enter this IP, you can try logging in with this link http://dlinkrouter.local

Make sure to type the D-Link IP in the URL bar and not in the Google Search bar.

4.      Enter the default D-Link username and no password

If you are accessing the D-Link router for the first time enter the following login details. The default username is admin and leave the password field blank. In case you have changed the admin password before or your ISP did that for you, use the new one to login.

5.      Congratulations! You are logged in.

When you have the correct router IP, username and password the D-Link router login process is pretty simple. Now you can go through the router settings and make the necessary changes.

However, before you make any changes, we recommend creating a backup of the current router settings or taking notes about all the changes you make

There are several reasons why you need to know the D-Link router login steps.

First of all, making any changes in the settings that will help you secure your home network is performed via the router settings. Some of the easiest ones are to:

There are also some additional security options you can apply like enabling the firewall, keeping the router firmware up to date, creating a Guest Wi-Fi network for your guests and visitors, and so on. Just go through the settings and see what interests you.

But, please remember to backup the current router settings.

We hope that you have found this D-Link router login guide easy to follow.  Now, please take your time to go through the settings and make the basic security changes we have just mentioned.

Have fun!

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