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The following article will tell you how to change Comcast Xfinity WiFi password in a few easy and simple steps.

Most routers today come preconfigured by the Internet Service Provider or the router manufacturer. This means that the default router IP address, username and passwords, as well as wireless password and the network name are already set up.

Sometimes it is difficult to remember these, especially the WiFi password which is being used most often either to give it to our friends when they come to our place or when we need to connect a new device to our network.

Because of this reason and for the overall security of our network it is necessary to change the WiFi password to something strong but memorable.

Change Comcast Xfinity WiFi password

Note: The steps given below apply for Xfinity Wireless Gateways only.
In the next few steps we are going to use the Xfinity Admin Tool although you can change the Comcast Xfinity password usingthe Xfinity My Accoutn app or xFi.

Login to your Xfinity router using the default Comcast Xfinity IP, username and password and click Login.

Go to Connection in the menu on the left and then select Wi-Fi.

3. Click the Edit button in the Private Wi-Fi Network section.

In the Private Wi-Fi Network section you will see your network name. Click the EDIT button on the right.

4. Type your new password in the Network Password field.

Scroll down to the Network password field and type your new wireless password.


Click the SAVE SETTINGS button at the bottom of the page to save the changes. Now you can use your new password to login to the wireless network.

Important Notes

  • On the same page you can change the default Network Name and change Security mode and Channel.
  • When you change the WiFi password make sure to update it on devices previously connected to your wireless network.

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