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The Spectrum router red light (solid, flashing or alternating red and blue) usually indicates that there is a problem with the Internet connection or the router itself. Luckily, we can fix the problem on our own.

Before we start resolving this issue it is good to actually understand what does the red light on your Spectrum router mean.

Let’s begin!

Spectrum router red light: What does it mean?

Knowing what the color and behavior of your Spectrum router light means is important in order to understand the problem better and avid making some mistakes. In this case, one of the fixes requires to restart the router which is not recommended if the router firmware is going on at the moment.

1. Red and blue lights flashing one after the other

The router firmware is updating at the moment. Don’t power off the router. Just leave it alone until the firmware update completes and make sure not to interrupt the process. The router will reboot once the update is completed.

This behavior means that the router isn’t able to establish an Internet connection.

3. SOLID RED light

This behavior usually means that the router couldn’t operate normally for some reason

In case your Spectrum router light is blinking or solid red try the following solutions.

How to fix the red light on your Spectrum router?

Fix #1 – Power cycle the router and the modem

When it comes to power cycling the router and the modem you need to do more than just turning them off and then back on. Here is how to do it properly:

  1. Power off both the router and the modem and unplug them from the electricity outlet. If the modem is battery powered, remove the battery as well.
  2. Wait a little. 2 minutes is usually enough.
  3. Plug the modem back in and power it on. Wait for the lights to turn solid blue.
  4. Now plug the router back in and turn it on. The Spectrum router light should be blue now.

In case this step didn’t fix the problem, continue to the next step.

Fix #2 – Check the cables and connectors

A loose or damaged cable can be the reason for the red light on your Spectrum router, as well as for other problems like not being able to login to your Spectrum router and similar. Also, if the cable is not properly connected (to the right port) you can get the same red light as a result.

Therefore, check all the cables (network cable and coax) if they are firmly connected and without any damage. While checking these cables, pay attention to the coax cable connectors.

Usually, when we replace our equipment or move it to another place it is possible to connect the cables to the wrong port unintentionally. Is the Internet line in the right port of the router? Check this first. Pay attention to connect the network cable to the yellow Internet port on the router. The other end of that cable should go to the yellow Ethernet port on your modem.

Check whether the red light is still on.

Fix #3 – Is there an outage or service down right now? Check it

As we have mentioned earlier a service outage can result in your Spectrum router flashing red. To check whether there’s an outage at the moment or the Spectrum service is currently down, you can check it on the Spectrum troubleshooting page or the Downdetector website.

In case a service outage isn’t causing the Spectrum router red light then try the next fix.

Fix #4 – Get in touch with the Spectrum Tech Support

In case you have tried all the fixes given in this article and the red light is still there it is time to contact the Spectrum tech support. We normally leave this as a last solution because all of the steps given above can be done by you and to be honest, it just feels great when you fix your network on your own.


We hope you have managed to fix the Spectrum router red light issue following the first three fixes given in this article. Of course, you can always choose to contact the customer support first. An expert will guide you through the troubleshooting process, and they also can check your connection and other stuff remotely or send a technician to fix the problem or replace the equipment.

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