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WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup allows the user to connect to the WiFi network without needing to enter the wireless password. You have probably heard about it but are not sure how to use it. Or you have read or heard how to use it but can’t find the WPS button on Netgear router.

This article will give you answers to all the questions you may have about the WPS on Netgear router.

We won’t get too technical about how the WPS actually functions. Instead, we are going to tell you where to find the WPS button on a Netgear router, how to use it properly, and also provide some insight into the advantages and disadvantages of the WPS and whether you should keep WPS enabled or disabled.

And now, let’s just get straight to the point.

Where Is The WPS Button On Netgear Router?

One of the most popular routers today is the Netgear Nighthawk router. If you live in a larger home you are probably using Netgear’s Orbi WiFi system. Or maybe you are using some of the WNDR or R Series of Netgear routers.

Well, we have to say that depending on your Netgear router model the position of the WPS button will be different. So, where is the WPS button on the Netgear router?

On some models, like the Nighthawk series, you will find the WPS button located just below or next to the status lights on the front panel.

Other Netgear models have the button at the back of the router, while the WPS status light is on the front.

If you are using the Orbi WiFi system, the button used for WPS connection is the SYNC button. You can’t miss it!

And finally, the WPS button on some Netgear routers, like the NETGEAR AC 1200 Dual Band Gigabit (R6200), is located on the side of the router just below the WiFi ON/OFF button.

What does the WPS button look like on Netgear router?

The WPS button on the Netgear router can be of different shapes as you can see on the images above. However, next to this button you will see the WPS symbol or just the letters WPS

No WPS Button On Netgear Router. What Now?

Look carefully for the WPS symbol on your Netgear router. Some models like the AC1000 WiFi Router Model R6080 use one button for WPS and factory reset. So, in case you see a reset button, and a WPS symbol under the button – that’s it. The only difference here would be what you need to accomplish and thus how long you need to hold the button pressed.

For example, in the case of AC1000 WiFi Router Model R6080

  • Pressing the button for less than 5 seconds will reboot the router.
  • Pressing the button for 5-10 seconds until the WiFi led blinks orange enables WPS
  • Pressing the button longer than 10 seconds until the LED lights blink green will reset the router to factory settings.

As you can see, there is a WPS button, you just need to look for it. After all, if you aren’t sure we recommend looking at the manual and searching for WPS in it.

How To Connect To The Wifi Network Using The WPS Button On The Router?

If you have a WPS-enabled device and you want to connect it to your WiFi network you can easily do it using the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button. Here is how to connect your device using WPS.

  1. Check whether the router is turned off.
  2. Check the WPS instructions for the device you want to connect.
  3. Find the WPS button on the router and press it.
  4. Now you have 2 minutes to either press the WPS button on your WPS-enabled device or connect it according to the provided instructions.
  5. Your WPS-enabled device will connect.

As you can see, it is pretty simple to connect your device to the network using the WS button. However, there are two other ways to connect but these don’t use the WPS button physically, so we won’t discuss them in detail here. They are the Push Button and PIN Number method and you will have to login to your Netgear router settings in order to do that. However, we are going to discuss about that in another article.

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