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Finding the router IP is important if you want to access your wireless router configuration settings. Additionally, this router IP is something you should know if you are trying to troubleshoot some networking issues. Without this IP address you won’t be able to login to your router or see what’s wrong with your home network.

The following guide will show you the exact steps needed to find the router IP address on your Windows 10 powered machine.

NOTE: Before you try to find the router IP on Windows 10, make sure your computer or laptop is connected to the network either with the network cable or the Wi-Fi connection.

Let’s begin!

How to Find IP Address Windows 10 Using Command Prompt?

The Command Prompt on Windows machines is a pretty handy utility that can help you not only with finding the default router Ip but with many other network related things.

In order to find the router default IP using the command Prompt please follow the next few steps.

1. Launch the Command Prompt

There are several ways to do this in Windows 10 but the easiest would be to right-click the Windows start button and select Command Prompt from the menu.

However, if for some reason the Command Prompt isn’t listed in the menu, try this way.

Click the Search icon in the Taskbar, type cmd and press the Enter button on your keyboard.

2. Type the ipconfig command

When the Command Prompt opens type the ipconfig command and hit the Enter button again.

3. Scroll down and find Default gateways

You will see lots of details regarding your network now. Scroll down a little and find the Default Gateway line. The numbers next to it represent the default router IP address. In our case it’s

4. Type the Default Gateway in the browser’s URL bar

If you type this IP in your browser URL bar, the router login page will appear and you will be asked to enter the router admin username and password.

How To Find IP Address in Network Connections Details

Another way to find the router IP on Windows 10 is in the Network Connection Details. Here is how to easily find the router IP using this way.

1. Right Click the Wi-fi icon or network icon in the bottom-right of your desktop screen

2. Select Open Network & internet Settings.

2. Scroll down a little and select Network and Sharing Center

3. Now, next to Connections click on your Wi-Fi network name

4. Click on Details in the new window

5. Your router IP will be listed as IPv4 Default Gateway. In this case it is

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my default router IP?

The answer is YES. To do this you have to access your router settings. When changing the default IP from in our case you can change it into any IP as long as it fits into the Private IP address range. So, if you decide to do this make sure your new router IP is somewhere in between: 

  • From to
  • From to
  • From to

In case your new router IP address is outside these Private IP ranges you will have troubles connecting to your router.

Why should I know my router default IP?

The router default IP is an IP assigned to the private network. Inside one network there can be numerous IP addresses for various devices connected to it, but never two same IP addresses. This results in an IP conflict and can make the network unstable, even unusable.

These IP addresses are assigned to each device automatically by the router. However, if you need to login to your router in order to troubleshoot some network issues or configure it you need to know the router’s default IP. When you know this IP, you need to type it in a web browser’s URL bar and you will be requested to enter the router login details (username and password). 

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