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Maybe you have been wondering what all those LED lights on your router mean. And if you have noticed that some of them are blue or green, yellow, and red, it is also possible to wonder what these colors mean. The truth is that the lights on our router tell us more about the status and activity of our network and internet connection.

In this article, we are going to focus on one specific light and its behavior – the DSL light blinking green. What does it actually mean and should you take any steps to fix things up? Let’s find out.

Is Your DSL Light Blinking Green?

In most cases, the DSL light will be solid green and generally, it is a sign that the DSL connection is active and functioning properly.

You will also see the DSL light blinking green when you are configuring or just turning on your router or modem. But, if the DSL light keeps blinking green for much longer it can be a sign of a problem. Your modem is either trying to connect to your DSL service unsuccessfully or the DSL connection is unstable.

DSL Light Blinking Green (4 Ways To Fix It)

If the blinking continues for more than five or ten minutes then this is definitely something we should take care of. The good news is that we can actually do something about it so let’s get started.

Restart The Modem/Router

Another simple thing to try is to restart the router or the modem. There is nothing complicated in this step.

Simply, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet and leave it disconnected for a few minutes. In case there is a battery in the modem, it should be removed as well. After a while place the battery back into the modem and plug the power cable back.

Give the modem or router some time to boot and check the DSL light. If it’s still blinking green, there is still something you can try.

Check If Your ISP Is Down

Give your ISP a call or check the outage/status page on their official website to see whether there is an outage in your area. Sometimes a change in the network configuration, some technical issues, or scheduled maintenance can result in problems with your DSL connection.

As a result, DSL light will blink green on the modem. It is good to know that in case of an outage, you need to be patient and wait for your ISP to fix the problem. Once they fix the problem, the DSL light will stop blinking.

Check the DSL Cable (And Other Cables As Well)

The simplest thing to do at the beginning is to check the DSL cable. It has to be connected to the correct port in the modem/router and it should be firmly connected as well.

It is also possible that some other loose or damaged cable or connector is causing the problem, so make sure to inspect the other cables as well.

You can also try the following:

– Connect the modem to a different phone jack

– Connect the modem directly instead of using a splitter or a micro-filter

After you confirm that everything is fine regarding the cables, and after you check the splitter, micro-filter, or phone jack, take a look at the DSL light. If it’s blinking green after that, move to the next step.

Contact Support

If the modem is defective all these solutions will fail. So, as the last step, we recommend contacting your ISP support for help.

They can check your line and connection and ask you to follow some of their instructions to fix the problem. Make sure to follow their instructions although you might have already tried that solution.

In case their remote assistance gives no results, they can send a tech guy to see what’s going on. If he determines that the modem is defective, you might get a replacement if it’s still under warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does DSL Mean On Modem?

DSL is short for Digital Subscriber Line and this is one of the most frequently used internet connection types today. It is actually a high-speed internet connection that operates through a telephone line.

How To Reset Modem To Factory Defaults?

This solution can fix the issue you are having but there is something you should know before you try it.

This procedure deletes all the custom settings and you must set up the modem again. Also, you need to have the admin login details ready and the settings from your Internet Service Provider so you can configure the modem properly.

If you are OK with this you can continue. Find a pointed object to press the Reset button. It is hidden inside a pinhole to prevent accidental factory resets.

Press the button and hold it for 10-20 seconds depending on the model. The modem should reboot after that. Wait till it boots back again. It should boot with the factory default settings. Now you need to set up the modem. Check the DSL light when you finish the modem setup.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, fixing the DSL light blinking green is not a difficult task. Hopefully, the DSL light should stop blinking green by the end of this article. It is important to take a break after each solution to give the modem a chance to boot completely before you check the DSL light.

If you have tried all the solutions, the good thing is that you can apply them whenever you experience a problem with your network. One of them should work and there are great chances that you will have a fully functional internet connection in a matter of minutes.

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