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While we don’t usually pay attention to our Sagemcom router lights, they definitely have something to say. Depending on whether they are blinking or just solid, or colored differently, they tell us what’s happening in our network, its activity and signalize specific problems.

In this article we are going to go through the different Sagemcom router lights and what it means when they are blinking. At the same time, we will provide a few solutions to fix the issue causing the Sagemcom router lights to blink.

What Do The Sagemcom Router LED Lights Mean?

There are several different LED indicator lights on the Sagemcom router.

Power – This button won’t blink, but its color may indicate two different things. A red solid light indicates an ongoing firmware upgrade, while the green light indicates that the router is turned on.

USB – The USB light will be on if there is a USB device connected to the router. If you see it blinking green, it means that the USB device is currently in use.

WPS – The WPS light will start blinking green when you press the WPS button on the router and it is searching for another WPS-enabled device to be connected. Once the device is connected, this light should stop blinking.

Wi-Fi – When your wireless connection is being used the Wi-Fi light will blink green.

LAN/Ethernet – When the LAN Ethernet connection is being used this light will blink green.

WAN /Internet – When there is an activity through the WAN Ethernet port this light is going to blink. This light will be green as well when there is a WAN IP address assigned. But if there is no IP for some reason, this light will be solid red.

These are generally all the lights you should see on your Sagemcom router. However, in some situations, specific networking problems will make your Sagemcom router lights blink. When that happens, it is good to know a thing or two and fix the issue without having to contact your ISP and look for help.

How To Fix The Sagemcom Router Lights Blinking?

In case you notice your Sagemcom router lights acting weird, and your internet connection not working as it should, here are some things you can try to fix the current issue.

Give It Some Time

Usually, when our internet connection is off we want to fix it immediately. However, the best thing would be to wait a little. Sometimes these issues don’t last long and, in most cases, they get fixed on their own after a few minutes. However, if you see that your internet connection is not coming back, then it’s time to do something about it.

Inspect Your Cables

There are a few things to check when it comes to your cables and connectors. Everything should be firmly connected. A loose cable is difficult to spot unless you try to pull it gently. Therefore, check both ends of each cable and also check whether they are bet too much or damaged. In case you notice something, try with another cable and see whether the issue is fixed.

Restart The Router

Restarting the device is a basic but highly effective solution for most issues with your electronic devices. You can also apply this solution whenever you have problems with your internet connection and your network as well.

In case there has been a glitch in the settings, the restart should clear the error and everything should work well when the router boots up. Although you can restart your Sagemcom router using the power button, it is recommended to unplug the power cable as well. After a few minutes, plug the cable back in and turn on the router. When it boots up again, check your connection. In most cases the problem will be resolved.

Restart Your Network

Another thing you could try is to restart your network. This means that you need to restart your modem and your router but you need to do it like this.

Turn off the router and the modem and disconnect the power cable. In case there is a backup battery on the modem, remove it. Leave them disconnected for a few minutes.

Place the backup battery back in if you have removed it and connect the power cable into the modem. Turn the modem on and give it some time to stabilize. After that do the same for the router. When the router LED lights stabilize, test your connection.

Get In Touch With Your ISP Support

Sometimes the problem is completely out of our control. If your ISP is maintaining the network or they are having some technical issues or an outage of some kind, the internet connection can be very unstable or there will be no connection at all.

We can easily find out what the problem is by contacting our ISP support and report our problem. They will either tell you to be patient if the issue is on their side, or they will test your line and connection and help you fix the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Sagemcom Router Blinking?

Normally, a blinking green LED light on your Sagemcom router is a sign of activity. You generally don’t have to worry when that happens. However, a red blinking light usually tells us that there is a problem or something important going on. For example, when the Power light is flashing red it is a sign that the firmware is upgrading. We mustn’t interrupt this process. However, a solid or blinking red light on the other LED indicators indicates a problem that needs to be fixed.

What Lights Should Be On Sagemcom?

The LED lights on your Sagemcom router tell us more about its operational status. When light is ON, it means that that option is being used. If you notice that the light is blinking it indicates that there is an activity going on, i.e. data is being sent and received.

Final Thoughts

We hope that we have successfully explained what Sagemcom router lights mean and what it means when they are blinking. Also, if you had any issues with your Sagemcom router lights blinking we hope that the solutions presented here have helped

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