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Managing your home network security is extremely important nowadays. You simply can’t allow anyone to access your wireless network or use your broadband connection without your authorization. There have been cases where leaving the default Wi-Fi password caused some serious problems with the police for one family. And there are many more cases like that. This article is intended for Verizon users, so the first thing you need to know in order to secure and manage your home network is the Verizon router login procedure.

Every router comes with a default admin username and password or with a default SSID and wireless password. This represents a huge security risk on its own because most people don’t even bother changing these login details. The good thing on the other side is that most router manufacturers set unique passwords for each router they produce.

However, besides the basic security measures like changing the default admin login details, changing the network name and wireless password, logging into your Verizon router settings will allow you to set up port forwarding, block users from accessing your network, set up Parental controls and much more.

In this article we are going to cover how to login to three Verizon routers: Fios, Fios Quantum and the 5G Home router.

The steps described below are pretty much the same. However, the login URL, the default username and password as well as the graphic interface of the admin dashboard may be different.

But, before you proceed with the Verizon router login steps make sure that you are connected to the network either using a wired (Ethernet) cable connection or your WiFi. This depends on the device you will use to login so choose the one that suits you best.

1. Launch the web browser already installed on your device.

2. In the URL bar at the top type mynetworksettings.com, and press Enter on your keyboard or tap Go on your smartphone or tablet. On the other hand, you can enter

3. If it’s the first time you are accessing the router in this way you will see the Easy Setup Wizard. If it isn’t, you will be requested to enter a password now. It can be found on a sticker on your router listed as Admin password. Just look for it.

4. Follow the instructions now: Change the WiFi name and WiFi password, enable Guest network if you wish.

5. Click Apply to save the changes. Now you should click on Go to Network Settings to make some additional advanced configurations.

IMPORTANT: When you save the changes you will be disconnected from the network if you have been connected over WiFi.

In case you have some problems logging into your Verizon Fios router skip to the troubleshooting section of this article.

1. Launch the web on the device you want to login from.

2. In the URL bar myfiosgateway.com, and hit the Enter key on the keyboard or tap Go on your tablet or smartphone. You can also enter instead of myfiosgateway.com.

3. If you are logging in for the first time the Easy Setup Wizard will guide you through the setup process. But first you need to enter the Admin password that can be found printed on a sticker on the router.

4. After that you can customize your WiFi network there and activate a Guest network if you want.

5. Click Continue and there you can review your settings. Click Apply to save the changes.

6. Now you can either start surfing the internet or access the Main router settings.

If you experience any problems during the Verizon router login process, check this section of our article.

1. Open your web browser on PC, smartphone or tablet.

2. In the URL bar of the browser type http://my.router/ and press Enter or Go on the keyboard.

3. You will be asked to enter a password in the login page that will appear.

4. You will find the Admin password printed on a label on the bottom side of the router.

5. After you login successfully you will see the Homepage of the 5G Home router.

The Verizon router login is pretty simple and generally you won’t experience any problems when you try to access the router settings. However, on some occasions you can get stuck at one point for some reason and the Verizon router login will fail. The good thing is that there are some things you should check in order to login successfully.

1. Have you typed the URL or IP correctly?

Typing errors will make the Verizon router login process fail. Just pay attention to type the IP or URL correctly.

2. Have you typed the URL or the IP in the URL (Address) bar?

The URL or IP should be typed into the URL (Address) Bar at the top of the browser. If you type it into the Search bar you will get web search results instead, and that’s not what we want.

3. Are you seeing the “Your connection is not private” security warning message?

In case you see this message after you enter the default router IP and hit the Enter button, it means that your browser has prevented you from accessing that page for security reasons. However, since we are not actually visiting a live website, you can continue to that page. Just click on ADVANCED at the bottom of the page, then click on Proceed to (unsafe).

4. Is your device connected to the network?

We have already mentioned that you need to connect to the network first before you try to login to your Verizon router. Devices that are not part of the network (that are not connected to it) can’t access the router settings.

5. Is your firewall or antivirus active?

Sometimes your antivirus or firewall will detect the connection attempt as suspicious and block it. Because of that, try to disable them for a few minutes and try to login again.


Now when you know why you need to know the Verizon router login steps and how to login we can sum things up:

  • Find the Admin password on the sticker on the router
  • Connect to the network
  • In the browser’s URL bar type:
    • or mynetworksettings.com – to login to Verizon Fios router
    • or myfiosgateway.com – to login to Verizon Fios Quantum router
    • http://my.router/ – to login to Verizon 5G Home router
  • Enter the Admin password and hit the Enter button.
  • The Easy Setup Wizard will guide you through the setup process if you are logging in for the first time. If you have logged in before you will be able to manage the network settings.

After you log in successfully you can easily change the wireless password from time to time, update your router firmware, disable WiFi when you are not at home, work on your home network security by changing some specific settings and so on. Just think of the Verizon router login like a first step of maintaining a healthy and secured home network.

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