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Almost all of the devices we use every single day heavily depend on the internet connection and without it they are practically unusable. That’s why, these days, having a fast and stable internet connection is a must. As a Plusnet user you are probably satisfied with their services and the Plusnet router, but what happens when the router starts flashing orange and the internet connection stops working all of the sudden?

In this article, we’ll discuss what is causing the Plusnet router orange light and what solutions you can try in order to fix the problem by yourself.

Plusnet Router Flashing Orange (Meaning)

To jump straight to the point, the Plusnet router will start flashing orange when the router doesn’t receive a broadband signal for some reason.

This can happen when the ISP is down, when there is a loose cable or connector, when your ISP hasn’t activated your account, or when your network equipment starts acting strange.

Plusnet Router Flashing Orange (6 Simple Fixes)

Here is a brief description of the different solutions that can help you fix the issue.

Service Not Activated

As we have said earlier the Plusnet router service might not be activated if you are new to Plusnet or you have just moved into a new house or apartment.

Normally, when Plusnet activates your service you will receive a text message or an email about that. In most cases, your service won’t be active until after midnight that day.

However, if this doesn’t apply to you please move to the next section.

Restart Your Plusnet Router

Restarting the Plusnet router is an effective and simple way to fix any networking problem. It will do the job most of the time and since it takes just a few minutes of your time, we recommend trying this first.

Although you can use the power button, we recommend unplugging the power cable for 5 minutes and then plugging it back in. This should be enough to clear any glitches that might have been causing the problem.

Just let the router boot completely and then check whether the orange light is blinking again

Check The Broadband Cable (And Other Cables In The Network)

Another reason for this issue can be no broadband signal. In that case, we have to check the broadband cable first. This cable should go to the port on the router that is colored gray and the broadband socket.

While you are checking the cables and connectors don’t forget to check both ends because most people focus only on the end of the cable going into the router, not the other end. And also pay attention to the micro-filter if there is one in your network.

Is Plusnet Down?

The orange flashing light on the Plusnet router can appear when Plusnet is down for some reason.

You can easily check this on their website, or to be more precise on their Service Status page. Click on Broadband and if there is anything wrong with their services you will see a notification.

You can contact them directly via their support phone line as well.

In case Plusnet is really down, wait for them to fix the issue. Once that happens the orange light should stop blinking and everything will get back to normal. But if Plusnet isn’t down, then try the following solution.

Factory Reset The Plusnet Router

Performing a factory reset requires the router to be configured from scratch. All the settings customizations will be erased during the process so keep this in mind before you try this solution.

To reset the Plusnet router press the Reset button with a pointed object and keep it like that for twenty seconds. You should release the button when you see the LED light change color or start flashing. Give the router some time to boot up and once it is up it will be reverted to its factory settings. Setup the router now.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, you have to get in touch with support.

Contact Support

When nothing helps we have to ask Plusnet support to help us fix the problem. You can use their Help and Support section on their website or contact them directly.

It is possible that it wouldn’t last long until they fix the problem for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do The Plusnet Hub Lights Mean?

The LED Light on your Plusnet router can be colored differently depending on the status of the network and the connected devices. Here is a short explanation for each color:

  • No light – The router is turned off or the LED light is turned off in the settings
  • Blue – The hub is connected and everything is fine.
  • Orange – There is a broadband signal, but the hub isn’t connected.
  • Blinking orange light – Broadband signal not detected
  • Red – This light indicates that there is an issue that requires your attention
  • Green – You will see this light during start-up
  • Pink – This light indicates that the router is in Bridge mode
  • WPS button blinking blue – The router is searching for another WPS-enabled device
  • WPS button blinking red – The router failed to connect through WPS

Final Thoughts

Sadly, any internet problem can be pretty stressful and frustrating these days. However, if you have tried the solutions given in this article we are pretty sure that the problem will be solved pretty quickly and you won’t see the Plusnet router flashing an orange light soon.

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