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The steps given in this article will show you how to change Linksys WiFi password and secure your wireless network at basic level.

There are many reasons why you should change the default Linksys wireless password. The wireless password is important for the overall security of your wireless network, an only you and your family or co-workers (if it’s a business network), should have access to it.

Anyone else that has access to your network can easily access your computer, personal files and information, and even block you out of the network or just mess your network settings so that it becomes unusable.

Therefore securing your network with a wiFi password or changing it from time to time is a pretty good security measure. Now, let’s see how to change Linksys WiFi password manually.

Before you begin

Changing the Linksys WiFi password is pretty simple if you have all the required things ready. These will guarantee that you will access the Linksys router admin page successfully, so before you try to change the Linksys WiFi password, make sure you have the following:

  • Access to the home network either via WiFi or the network cable
  • You know the default router IP, in this case it’s
  • You have the correct router admin username and password

After you make sure that your device is connected and the router IP, username and password are correct you can proceed.

How to Change Linksys WiFi Password Step by Step

These are the steps required to change the WiFi password on your Linksys router.

After you connect to your network you need to login to your router.

Here are the basic steps needed to access your Linksys router settings. For a more detailed guide please follow this Linksys router login guide to see the exact steps.

  • Open a browser on your device. Any browser is fine for this.
  • Type in the address bar and hit the Enter button
  • When asked, enter the default Linksys login credentials or if you have changed these earlier, use the custom username and password.

You will see the main admin dashboard if everything is OK.

2. Select Wireless and then Wireless Security

Click on Wireless in the top menu and then click on Wireless Security.

3. Change Linksys WiFi password or set up a new one

In the next window make sure Wireless Security is Enabled.
Select WPA Pre-Shared Key.

Please note that if your router offers WPA2 Personal or WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode select them instead of WPA Pre-Shared Key because they are much stronger and harder to crack. Here is a nice read about these modes.

In the WPA Pre-Shared Key field you can change the WiFi password or set up a new password.

4. Save Settings

Click the Save Settings button to save the new Linksys WiFi password.


  1. In case a new window doesn’t open in Step 2, check whether is your router default IP.
  2. If the login details are incorrect or you have forgotten them you will have to reset your Linksys router to factory settings.
  3. After you change the Linksys WiFi password you will have to connect again using the new password on all the devices previously using your wireless network.

Tips on How to Change Linksys WiFi Password

  • The length of the WiFi password should be between 8 and 63 characters.
  • Use a combination of small and capital letters, numbers and special characters to create a strong password.
  • The WiFi password is case-sensitive, so be careful.

Final words

Now you know how to change Linksys WiFi password. Under the same Wireless menu, when you login to your Liksys router, you can also change the Wireless Network Name. It is highly recommended to do this as well.

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