Spectrum Router Blinking Blue (5 Ways To Fix It)

If you are a Spectrum user, there is one situation that can be pretty annoying, and that is seeing your wireless network working, but without an internet connection. If you pay attention to your router at that moment, you will most probably see your Spectrum router blinking blue.

Is there anything we can do about it? Well, the answer is yes and in the next few paragraphs, we are going to explain how to fix this problem and continue enjoying your internet activities.

Spectrum router blinking blue light

Spectrum Router Blinking Blue (Reasons)

When it comes to the Spectrum router blinking blue, we have three different situations:

1. The blue light is blinking fast – This usually happens when we turn on the router and it will blink blue fast while booting up. Once it boots up completely and connects to the Internet the light should turn solid blue.

2. The blue light is pulsating (blinking slowly) – This happens while the router is connecting to the internet. Once again it should turn solid blue when it connects, but if the slow blinking continues for some time it indicates that there is a problem.

3. The third situation is when a blue and red light are blinking one after the other. It usually indicates that your Spectrum router is updating the firmware automatically and it would be best just to wait until it completes. It is not advised to try to fix things during a firmware upgrade because it may cause some damage to the router.

How To Fix Spectrum Router Blinking Blue Light?

In order to see the solid blue light on our Spectrum router, try the following solutions.

Check The Connections

Check the Ethernet and coax cables on both ends. Generally, a loose connection will make it difficult, if not impossible, for your router to connect to the internet. As a result you will see your Spectrum router blinking blue light.

Pay attention to any damage to the cables and connectors, especially the pins on the coax cable. They shouldn’t be bent in any direction.

Connecting the cables incorrectly is a common thing if we don’t pay attention when we disconnect the router for some reason. Let’s say we have disconnected it to move it to another position to improve the wireless signal. If we haven’t paid attention it is possible to connect the cables wrong. Therefore, always take a photo using your smartphone when you disconnect the cables. It will be much easier to reconnect everything properly.

After you check the connectors and the cables and make sure everything sits tightly in the right ports, check whether the LED light is still blinking blue. If it is, try the following solution.

Restart Your Spectrum Router

This is an easy quick-fix solution. Unplug the power cable of the router from the power source. After two minutes plug it back in. Give the router some time to boot properly and then check the LED light. It should be solid blue now. But if it is still blinking, wait just a little longer. If the blinking continues, it is time to restart the entire network.

Restart Your Entire Network

Restarting the network includes restarting the modem and the router as well but in a specific order. It is important to follow the steps given below because they will restart the network properly.

1. Unplug the power cable from both the modem and the router.

2. If your modem has a backup battery, disconnect it.

3. Leave everything disconnected for a few minutes.

4. First connect the power cable to the modem and turn it on. Give it some time (approximately 3 minutes) to boot up.

5. Now connect the power cable into the router and turn it on. Give it some time (approximately 3 minutes) to boot up.

6. Wait until the LED light turns solid blue. You shouldn’t wait for too long so if you notice that your Spectrum router is still blinking blue after 15-30 minutes, it means that the problem is still present.

Check If There Is An Outage

A service or power outage in your area can leave your modem without an internet signal, however, the wireless network will still work flawlessly. Your Spectrum router won’t be able to connect and the blue blinking will continue until it receives a proper signal.

Spectrum outage reported

The best way to make sure that an outage is not causing this issue is either to contact support or to check it using your cellular connection and visit the Spectrum Outage page.

If an outage is a problem, you will have to be patient.

Get In Touch With Spectrum Customer Support

If you have tried the solutions we have suggested and the LED light is still blinking blue, you should get in touch with Spectrum customer support. They will let you know whether they are currently experiencing some technical issues that make your Spectrum router blink blue or they can guide you through some troubleshooting steps. If they don’t succeed to fix the problem remotely, they may send a technician to check what may be the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Color Should The Spectrum Router LED Indicator Be?

The LED light indicator on your Spectrum router should be red or blue.

A solid blue color tells us that the router is working properly. The blue light indicates that the router is booting up and attempting to connect. A solid or blinking red light usually indicates that there is a problem. A flashing blue and red light is a sign of a firmware upgrade going on.


If you have followed the solutions given above, in most cases you will fix the problem by yourself. We hope that the reason isn’t a defective router, because in that case, the only solution is getting a new one.

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