Plusnet Router Flashing Red (5 Fixes)

If you have a Plusnet router, you know that a flashing red light means it is time to take action. Maybe your internet is down, or your WiFi connection is acting up. Whatever the case may be, a flashing red light on your router is usually an indication that something is wrong.

In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why your Plusnet router may be flashing red and how you can fix it.

Plusnet Router Flashing Red (Possible Reasons)

The color and the behavior of the LED light on our Plusnet router tell us more about the current status and the activity of our network. Since we are covering the flashing red light in this article, we have to say that your Plusnet router will start flashing red when the device is malfunctioning and when there is a configuration problem.

Sometimes it’s just a glitch while in other situations it can be a real defect that requires more attention. The good thing though, is that we have several solutions for this issue that can help us fix our problem and internet connection.

Let’s Fix The Plusnet Router Flashing Red

Considering what is causing the flashing red light on our Plusnet router, we have to say that there are not too many options to address this issue.

However, it is important to be patient and give the router time to boot and stabilize between attempts. This gives a clear picture of whether a specific solution has worked or not.

Don’t Act Immediately

Sometimes it is best to wait a little before trying to fix everything. It is possible that there has been a glitch in the electricity or the internet signal the router receives. Or your ISP was working on their configuration or something similar. These things don’t last long and should resolve on their own if we give them some time.

However, if you notice that the red light is still flashing after a while, here is the first thing you can try to fix the problem.

Power Cycle Your Plusnet Hub

Power cycling or restarting your Plusnet router is something you should try whenever you are experiencing some issues with your network and internet connection. It clears the router’s memory cache and if there was a glitch or a conflict resulting in the red flashing light, it will usually be cleared after the power cycle.

It is a simple solution, but we can say that it is one of the most effective ones. Usually after you power cycle the router everything will work just fine.

We can do this using the Power button or the power cable. You can choose what’s easier for you, but we often recommend the second way to power cycle the router.

If you decide to use the Power button, it’s simple – press the button to turn off the router, leave it like that for a few minutes and then press the button again to turn it on. Give it some time to boot and stabilize and then test your connection.

Using the power cable is similar to the first method but it leaves the router with no electricity at all for a few minutes. Turn off the router, disconnect the power cable, connect the power cable after some time and turn the router on. Once again, it is important to let the router boot up completely and then check whether the internet connection works properly.

If the router is still flashing red, try the following.

Check For An Outage

During a service outage, your router may receive a weak and unstable signal which can be pretty confusing for it. Then your ISP may be making changes in the configurations or experience some technical issues. This can make your router start flashing red.

Plusnet Service Status

To rule this out as a possible reason for the flashing red light you can visit the Plusnet service status page or contact them directly. If you get confirmation that your area is affected by an outage you will have to wait until they fix the problem on their side. Once that happens, the red light should stop flashing.

Factory Reset Your Plusnet Hub

We usually leave this as a last solution for a good reason. When you decide to factory reset your Plusnet router you have to know that this process deletes all the custom settings. This requires you to set up the Plusnet router again.

If you decide to do it, make sure you have the Plusnet router login details ready as well as the configuration details from your ISP.

As for the resetting steps the process is quite simple.

1. Find the reset button at the back of the router

reset button on Plusnet router

2. Use a sharp object like a paper clip or a pen to press the reset button. Once you press it, hold it for 20 seconds.

3, You should notice that the color of the Plusnet router LED indicator light has changed so release the reset button once you notice that.

4. Your Plusnet router will reboot then and after it boots up completely you can set up the router again and then check your connection.

Contact Plusnet Support

If this didn’t help you fix the problem, it is necessary to contact support because there are great chances that your router is malfunctioning. Getting in touch with their support team is now the last solution. They can try to fix the issue remotely or send a tech guy to your address. It is very likely that the router is defective and needs to be replaced. If you are lucky enough and your router is still under warranty, ask for a replacement. If not, consider buying a new one that is compatible with Plusnet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Access My Plusnet Router Admin Settings?

Open the browser on your device and type the IP in the Address bar. When asked to enter a password, type the one printed on the label on the router. Click on Login and you should be taken to the Plusnet router admin dashboard.

What Does Flashing Red B Mean On Plusnet Router?

red b on Plusnet router

If the letter B on your Plusnet router is red it indicates that the broadband signal has been lost.

Final Thoughts

From router resetting to checking for an outage and more, you see that there is something you can do to get your router back up and running. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you have fixed the issue successfully with or without the Plusnet tech support. What’s important is that your internet connection is working as before again.

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