Plusnet Router Blue Light (Easy Solutions)

The different colors of the LED indicator light on Plusnet routers indicate the current operational status of the router and your internet connection. While the blue LED light on the router doesn’t imply that there is a serious problem, having no internet connection while the blue light is on, is an issue that has to be addressed immediately.

In this article, we are going to explain the meaning of the Plusnet router blue light and go through some steps that should help you fix your internet connection quickly.

Plusnet Router Blue Light – How To Fix It?

We have selected several different solutions for this issue. Let’s start with the simplest ones first.

Is Your ISP Down?

Is Plusnet down?

Every now and then you can experience some networking issues because your ISP is down. That can happen for several different reasons like a power outage, network maintenance, technical issues and so on. Whatever the case is, in such situations your router or modem won’t receive a proper signal (it can be too weak or unstable) or it won’t receive any signal at all. This is enough to trick your router and make your internet connection unusable.

If you want to check whether your ISP is down you can visit the official Plusnet status page or just give them a call. If they are down, you will have to be patient until they resolve the issue.

However, if there is no sign of an outage you can try the following solution.

Power Cycle Your Device(s)

Restarting your computer, tablet or smartphone is something that can potentially fix the issue. Perhaps the problem is not with the router so restarting your devices is a good start. You can also check whether the internet connection doesn’t work with just one specific device or you’re your devices are affected. The second situation is definitely a sign that the problem isn’t with the device.

Power Cycle The Router

Since we have confirmed that the problem is not with our device, it is time to power cycle your router. It is pretty easy to do that and you can choose whether to simply turn off the router using the power button and then turn it on after a few minutes or to perform a complete power cycle.

If you decide to do a complete power cycle, you will have to disconnect the router from your device if they are connected. Then unplug the router’s power cable from the wall outlet. Plug it back in after a few minutes and be patient until the router boots up. After that you can check the connection.

Is Your Plusnet Router Authenticated?

Router authentication can be the problem why you are seeing the blue light on your Plusnet router, but have no internet connection.

To apply this solution, you have to access the Plusnet router settings first. Just type the default Plusnet router IP address ( into the browser’s URL bar and type the admin password printed on the router label.

After you access the router settings, select Advanced Settings in the menu and look for Broadband. Once you find it click on Disconnect.

Now enter your Plusnet broadband account details and click on Connect. Test your internet connection now.

NOTE: The username should look like this: [email protected]

Account Not Activated

If you have just installed your Plusnet router, you should wait until they activate it for you. In most cases you will have to wait for midnight to pass.

When the account becomes active the internet connection should work without any problems. In case you have any doubts about account activation, you can always check that with the Plusnet customer support.

Ask The Plusnet Support For Help

As always, if none of the solutions presented above has helped you, it is time to ask Plusnet support for help. Give them a call or report your problem and you can expect them to resolve the problem for you pretty soon. You don’t have to reveal all the solutions you have tried to fix the problem; just follow the instructions they are giving on their side.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Reset Plusnet Router To Factory Defaults?

The factory reset deletes all the custom settings like wireless network name and password, port forwarding rules, and similar to their factory values. The router needs to be configured again when the factory reset is completed so think twice before you do it.

Plusnet router reset button

To reset the router to factory defaults you are going to need a pointed object like a pen or a paper clip. You are going to use it to press the Reset button at the back of the router. This button is usually hidden inside a pinhole. Press and hold the button pressed for 20 seconds. Release the button when you see the LED light turning green. The LED light should turn blue once the factory reset completes and you can test your connection after that.

Can I Dim The Light On My Plusnet Router?

Yes. It is possible to change the brightness of the router’s LED light. In order to do it, you need to access the Plusnet router settings first. Look for the Hub Lights section and set the brightness level to LOW.

Final Words

Experiencing some problems with your internet connection is something normal for every internet user. No matter whether your ISP or your equipment is responsible for the issue, everything can be fixed and you can enjoy your internet connection pretty quickly.

We hope that the solutions presented in this article have been helpful and that your internet connection is fast and stable now. The next time you experience something similar, feel free to read this article again and try the solutions given here.  

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