Change WiFi password on Netgear router

The following article will explain how to change your Netgear router WiFi password using your Internet browser and the Smart Wizzard.

Having control over who is connecting to your WiFi network is important. Sometimes people are just a bit lazy or don’t know how to protect their wireless network. But in a few simple steps the network can be protected with a strong WiFi password which is usually sufficient protection.

Netgear WiFi password change [4 steps]

To change your Netgear router WiFi password go through the following steps.
Before you begin make sure you are connected to your network otherwise you won’t be able to make the necessary changes.

1. Login to your Netgear wireless router

Making any changes in the Netgear router settings is pretty easily performed from te router settings. You can do this with the Netgear router default IP and login details.

2. Click on Wireless in the menu on the left.

Locate the Wireless button on the left-hand menu and click on it.

Cllick the Wireless button in the Netgear settings page

3. Enter a new Network name

It is recommended to change the default Network name or SSID at this stage. So type a new Network name in the Name (SSID) field.


4. Enter a new WiFI password.

Select WPA2-PSK [AES] and type the new WiFi password in the Password (Network Key) field.

Netgear WiFi password change

5. Click Apply to save the Changes.

Don’t forget to save the new Network name and WiFi password. Click the Apply button.

Click Apply to save the changes

Netgear WiFi password change with the Smart Wizard utility

The steps required to change your Netgear WiFi password via the Smart Wizard utility are almost the same as the ones given above.

  • You have to login to the router interface like in the steps 1 and 2 described above.
  • When you are logged in find Wireless settings in the menu like in the picture below.
Wireless settings menu
  • In the new window you can change the default Network name.
Change the Network name
  • And at the bottom you can select the Encryption type WPA-PSK [TKIP]+WPA2-PSK [AES] and type your new WiFi password.
Netgear router WiFi change
  • Click the Apply button.

Important Notes

  • When you click Apply and save the new WiFi password you have to connect your device again, as well as the other devices previously connected to the network.
  • In case the default username an password have been changed before you won’t be able to use them. Therefore either find the new, updated router username and password or reset the router to factory settings. In the second case you will be able to login to the router using the default login details.

Final Words

As you can see the Netgear WiFi password change steps are quite simple and easy to follow. It is recommended to change your WiFi password from time to time and always make sure to come up with a strong, hard to guess password.

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