How to Change Arris WiFi Password

Learn how to change Arris WiFi password with this how-to guide.

Changing the wireless password is one of the steps required to secure your wireless network. Other steps include changing the default name, default router IP and password – basically all the default settings.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

In order to change the Arris WiFi password you have to login to your Arris router first. After that it is easy to make the required changes.

  1. Make sure your device is connected to your network.

    Connect the device you are making changes from to your home network. Depending on the device you can use a wired connection via the network cable, or a wireless connection.

  2. Type the Arris router IP in your browser.

    The default Arris router IP is Type the IP in the browser’s URL bar and press Enter on the keyboard or tap on Go in your smartphone’s browser.

  3. Enter the Arris router login details.

    In case you haven’t changed the default Arris router username and password use them to login.
    Username: admin or cusadmin
    Password: password or the Passphrase printed on the sticker on top of your router.
    arris login window

  4. Click or tap on LOGIN.

    When you type the login details click or tap on the Login button to continue.

  5. Click on Basic or Wireless in the top menu.

    The Arris WiFi password can be changed in both the Basic and Wireless menu. Here you can configure and monitor the wireless settings of your router.

  6. Select 2.4GHz or 5GHz.

    Decide which frequency you want to change first.

  7. Locate the Pre-Shared Key field.

    The Pre-Shared Key field is the place where you have to change the Arris WiFi password.
    Just type the new password here and click the Apply button.change arris wifi password

  8. Connect to your wireless network with then new WiFi password.

    Now make sure to update the WiFi password on every device you were using before.

Final Notes

When you change the Arris WiFi password it is good to change the SSID or Wireless Network Name since they are both on the same page.

Also, when you enter the new password keep in mind that it is case-sensitive.

And make sure to come up with a unique, strong and memorable password.

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