Let’s Fix Google Wi-Fi Flashing Red Light

Is your Google Wi-Fi flashing a red light? What does it mean and can we do anything about it and fix the issue?

Well, if you are seeing the red flashing light on your Google Wi-Fi and you want to know more about it, this article is for you.

Why Is My Google Wi-Fi Flashing Red?

Why Is My Google Wi-Fi Flashing Red?

Just as other networking devices, the Google Wi-Fi also comes with an indicator light that tells us more about the status or our internet connection and the connection between the primary router and the Google Wi-Fi points.

Seeing the Google Wi-Fi flashing red light is generally a sign that one of the Wi-Fi points is having some issues. As you can expect, this issue is normally noticed when the primary router and the Wi-Fi points are connected wirelessly.

Google Wi-Fi Flashing Red (5 Ways To Fix It)

The Google Wi-Fi flashing red light can be fixed in several different ways. Just follow the suggestions and solutions we have collected for you, and you can expect to get the problem fixed by the end of this article.

Restart Your Google Wi-Fi System

There are high chances that a glitch in the settings or something similar has been causing the flashing red light. When you restart your Google Wi-Fi system, it is quite possible that these glitches and errors will get fixed when the Google Wi-Fi boots up again.

If you want to try this quick-fix solution, you can use the Google Home app or you can do it manually.

In case you decide to use the app, unlock your device and open the app on it. Select WiFi and then tap on Settings. At the end tap on Restart Network. Confirm your selection and the system will restart. Once everything is up and running check whether the red light is still flashing.

However, if you want to restart your Google Wi-Fi system manually, all you need to do is to unplug the power cable and put it back after a few minutes. When the system boots up and stabilizes, check whether the red light is still blinking on your Google Wi-Fi.

Have You Forgotten To Pay The Bill?

Things like this can happen and, in most cases, when you forget to pay the bill your ISP will stop delivering its services to you. As a result, your Google Wi-Fi will start blinking red.

Therefore, we suggest signing into your ISP’s account and checking whether there are any unpaid pills. If there are, make the payment and once your ISP detects that the bill or bills have been paid you can expect their services to be restored. In that case, the red blinking light should stop.

However, if you pay all your bills on time and this is not the issue, then try the following solution.

Connect The Wi-Fi Point To The Router Directly

When the Wi-Fi points are connected wirelessly, the flashing red light can be fixed by hard-wiring the one that flashes red. Just use an Ethernet cable to connect that Wi-Fi point to the primary router and check whether the red light still flashes.

Factory Reset The Wi-Fi Point

This is one of the solutions Google suggests to try first. However, before you begin it is important to know that resetting the Wi-Fi point manually requires you to add it to the network again and set it up using the app.

Factory Reset The Wi-Fi Point

Although you can factory reset the Wi-Fi point using the app, we like doing it manually. Here is how to do it properly.

  1. Check the Wi-Fi point and find the Reset button.
  2. Press the reset button and hold it for 10 seconds. The indicator light should turn amber and then blue. This is a sign to release the button.
  3. The Wi-Fi point should reboot so be patient until it boots up again and stabilizes.
  4. When you see the blinking blue light on the Wi-Fi point it is a sign that the factory reset has been completed and that you can set up the Wi-Fi point and add it to the network.
  5. Of course, check the LED light when the setup process completes.

Get In Touch With Support

Contacting your ISP support is usually the last suggestion because nothing we have suggested has helped get rid of the flashing red light. Besides testing the line and connection and resetting your connection, the support team can guide you through the troubleshooting steps or even send someone to check and fix the problem.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What Color Should The LED Light On MY Google Wi-Fi Be?

When everything is working properly and there are no issues, the LED light on your Google Wi-Fi router should be solid white. The same applies to the Google Wi-Fi points as well. A solid white light indicates that they are online and there are no problems.

Google Wi-Fi Not Lighting Up. What Should I Do?

The first thing to do when you notice that your Google Wi-Fi is not lighting up is to check the power cable. If it is properly connected, and the system is already configured, check the Light Brightness using the app. If everything is fine, there you should get in touch with support.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the suggestions presented here will help you get the problem fixed before getting in touch with support. We just hope you are not having problems with a defective Wi-Fi point. In that case, it will need to be replaced in order to have your Google Wi-Fi system up and running as before. But if you have tried everything we have suggested, and nothing worked, it is quite possible that a defective Wi-Fi point is causing the issue.

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