Apple Router Blinking Orange (How To Fix It)

If your Apple router has been giving you trouble with a blinking orange light, don’t despair! This is a common problem that can often be fixed with a few simple steps. Read on for a detailed guide on how to fix your Apple router blinking orange light.

Apple Router Blinking Orange (Top Reasons)

There are several different reasons why your Apple router is blinking orange all of a sudden.

  1. When the network cable is not connected correctly
  2. When you are setting up your Apple router for the first time or after a factory reset
  3. When there is a new firmware version avaialble
  4. If you use the Apple router as an extender and it is out of range or it loses the connection for some other reason
  5. Your ISP is having some technical issues

We have listed all the common reasons and now let’s see what you can do to fix these issues one by one.

Let’s Fix The Blinking Orange Light On The Apple Router?

Let’s go through the solutions starting from the most basic one. If everything goes well, you will have your internet connection up and running in no time.

Use The AirPort Utility

The AirPort Utility can help you figure out what is causing the problem. Just install it on your device and use it to access the base station of the Apple router.

AirPort Utility

When you launch the app, you should see the reasons for the orange light and try to fix them one by one if there are more of them.

Connect The Ethernet Cable Correctly

Normally you should check each cable and see whether it sits firmly into the port. For example, when you connect an Ethernet cable you will hear a clicking sound once it is plugged in completely. This ensures that it won’t get loose over time. If you see this notification in the Airport Utility just push the cable to ensure it is firmly connected.

On the other hand, f the Apple router light is still blinking orange after you make sure the cables are firmly and properly connected try the next step.

Configure Your Apple Router

The orange blinking light on your Apple router will appear if it needs to be configured. This usually happens after you reset the router to default settings or when you are settings up a new one.

After you complete the router setup process the orange light should turn green.

Upgrade Your Firmware To The Latest Version

The orange blinking light on your Apple router can be an indication that you need to upgrade your router firmware.

Apple router update firmware

To check this both the device and the Apple router need a fully functional internet connection.

Use the Airport utility to restart the router. When the router restarts open the Airport utility again. You will see a number inside a red circle next to the name of the router. On Mac computers, when you move your cursor over the router icon, a small window will open. Click the Update button and follow the instructions. 

On iPhone or iPad you need to tap on the router, then tap on the number next to Version, and then on Download and Install.

When the new router firmware is installed and the router reboots, the orange blinking light should turn green.

Change The Position Of The Router

In case the router is out of range (if it’s being used as an extender), you should see the orange blinking light. The only right thing you can do at this point is to change the position of the router, i.e. to move it closer to the main base station.

If the router was out of range, this should fix the blinking orange light problem.

Power-Cycle The Modem

If there is a modem in your home or office network, you’ll notice the orange blinking light when it loses the connection.

In that case, the best thing to do besides checking the cables is to power-cycle the modem.

Before you do this remember that your Apple router and the modem have to be connected with an Ethernet cable to each other.

You can power-cycle the modem by disconnecting the Power cable of the modem from the power source. After a few minutes plug it back in. Wait till the router boots and check the LED light on your Apple router.

Is There An Outage In Your Area?

The Apple router will blink orange if your ISP is down for some reason. It may be a power or service failure, changes in the configuration, or some tech issues.

To check whether this is the main problem you can check the outage page on your ISP’s official website or contact them over the phone.

If that is the problem, you will have to be patient until your ISP fixes the problem on their side. After that the router should stop blinking orange.

Contact Support

After trying all the solutions given here the orange blinking light on your Apple router should be history by now.

However, if you haven’t managed to fix the problem, it is recommended to get in touch with support for further examination. Your ISP should help you figure out what is causing the problem and help you fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Reset An Airport Express?

The first thing to do is to disconnect the base station from the power source. Press and hold the reset button and then connect the base station to the power source. Hold the reset button for the next five seconds. Release the button once you see the indicator lights are turning on.

What Is The Default Password For Airport Express?

If you want to access your AirPort Express or AirPort Extreme settings you need to know the default admin password. The default admin password for those devices is – public.

How To Reconnect My Airport Express?

If you have disconnected your AirPort Express from the network and want to connect it back, you need to connect it to the power source first and turn it on. Give it some time to boot up properly.

Unlock your device (iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer) and connect them to the network. When you select Other Options, you need to select “Add to an existing network”.

Final Thoughts

The good thing about Apple routers is that you can easily find what’s happening when you use the AirPort Utility. Fixing the issue is much easier once you know what is the main reason for the orange blinking light. And once you find out what is making your Apple router blink orange, you can fix the problem in a minute.

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